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Gainfully employed for thirty years, including as one of those high paid college administrators faculty complain about. Earned Ph.D. late in life and converted to the faculty side. Those damn administrators are ruining everything.


Fenster writes: A current ad for T-Mobile (music by the band Said the Whale) The Merrymakers, Monument of Me (1995)

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Sunday Jazz Selection

Fenster writes: Some Dirge, from A Genuine Tong Funeral (1967), Carla Bley and Gary Burton

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Sunday Jazz Selection

Fenster writes: Samba Triste, Eliane Elias.  From Calle 54, Fernando Trueba’s film about Latin jazz. Elias appears once in the film but twice in the CD soundtrack.   Here’s a streaming version of That’s All it Was.

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2 Follow-Ups

Fenster writes: Regarding the increased visibility of Brit-style fonts discussed here, Shop-Rite is getting in on the act. And regarding creepshotting, what to make of this?  Is it an inveitable result of wearing one’s pants down low?

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Puritans for Porn!

Fenster writes: Rebecca Sullivan is director of the Institute for Gender Research at the University of Calgary.  Here’s her article in Canada’s Globe and Mail arguing for the academic study of porn. On the face of it, it’s just an … Continue reading

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Solidarity in the Locker Room?

Fenster writes: There has been a lot of ink spilled over the NLRB decision that seems to be opening a door for unionization of college athletics. There are many general summaries of the decision out there.  Here’s one. It’s the … Continue reading

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More Fake Jazz

Fenster writes: My contribution to Fake Jazz Sunday: New York by the jazz-rock outfit Dreams, starring the Brecker Brothers and Billy Cobham (1970). If you like, and have the time, below is most of the album side that New York closes. … Continue reading

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“Cheers” Star in the News

Fenster writes: The ex-Cheers star and perenially overweight/overwrought actress is back in the news, this time making claims that the overweight/overwrought New Jersey Governor knew about the lane closures at the GW Bridge. That’s what the headline says, anyway, though … Continue reading

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Juxtaposin’: Which is Freer?

Fenster writes: The Diggers’ famous but enigmatic 1% Free poster? or the 20% free you get with New York Style Original Crispy Bagel Chips? Bonus! If pictures don’t tell the story, here are some moving pictures with words. The late … Continue reading

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Notes on “A Late Quartet”

Fenster writes: The 2012 film A Late Quartet concerns a series of events that threatens the stability of a world-renowned string quartet, a group that has been together for 25 years. Events are set in motion when the group’s cellist … Continue reading

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