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Silicon Valley Is Losing Its Cachet

epiminondas writes: It would seem that overweening hubris has now settled into Silicon Valley like a thick, noxious cloud. The prey have become the hunters.  And trust is being lost.

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Enzo Nakamura writes: I love GIFS and I especially love Cinemagraphs, an approach to GIF-making that involves isolating an individual element that will play out a looping animation while the rest of the image remains still. I believe a fashion … Continue reading

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UR’s World 2013

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Following hdb chick’s example, here’s a map of UR’s world readership in 2013. Our top 10 countries: United States Canada United Kingdom Australia Germany Sweden Finland Mexico France Czech Republic Our top 10 referrers: Facebook Steve Sailer … Continue reading

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Facebook May Be Facing a Digital Tsunami It Can’t Cope With

epiminondas writes: Is Facebook collapsing under its own digital weight?

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Why Do So Many People in Trendy Coffee Shops Use Macs?

Paleo Retiree writes: Whenever I enter or pass by an upscale or hipster coffee shop these days, it’s not at all uncommon for every single person I see there who’s on a computer to be using an Apple product. Does … Continue reading

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Ads Everywhere: A Continuing Series

Blowhard, Esq. writes: I was just at Ticketmaster buying tickets for an event when the inevitable CAPTCHA gatekeeper popped up. I was surprised to see this: America: We never let an opportunity pass to sell you something or hawk crappy … Continue reading

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“Pacific Rim”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: “Pacific Rim” comes across as a dream project for director Guillermo del Toro, his chance to blow his geek-visionary load while fireworks explode on the soundtrack. The concept is suitably awesome: giant robots battle giant monsters in an apocalyptic … Continue reading

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Facebook Follies

Callowman writes: In the past few hours, Facebook has had the poor taste to boot several people associated with this blog out, requesting that we upload an image of a government ID to get back in. I am the latest … Continue reading

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Book-Reading Today

Paleo Retiree writes: Although these days I do probably 90% of my reading on the computer, and although I enjoy being a little irreverent about books — good Lord, can’t some people get mighty sentimental about books! — I’ve nonetheless … Continue reading

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Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Unleash the Beef shares the eulogy from his father’s funeral. It could almost serve as a eulogy for traditional American manhood. Related. Bring back the ’70s-style sex film! This strikes me as one of the great … Continue reading

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