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More on Triggers

Fenster writes: I wrote about campus trigger warnings here.  The subject has staying power, fascinatin’ some, amusing others, outraging even more and bringing out the inner hero in all too many. There’s that article in The Atlantic by psychologist Jonathan … Continue reading

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TNR on Trigger Warnings X 3

Fenster writes: Not content to let the matter rest after one go at the subject of trigger warnings, The New Republic has now published/posted three articles on the subject in less than a week.  The different approaches to the topic … Continue reading

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“Cultural Literacy for Religion”

Paleo Retiree writes: I enjoyed Mark Berkson’s hyper-basic (one-half to four lectures per major religion) Great Courses series very much. My beefs with it first, but only because complaining is so much more fun and easy than praising. It wasn’t the anthropological lecture … Continue reading

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Linkage: Whiteness is the Worst Edition

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Yesterday The Independent published an anonymous article entitled “White Men Should Never Hold Elected Positions In British Universities Again.” It appears they have taken it down, but someone at reddit helpfully preserved this charming bit lefty self-flagellation: University is … Continue reading

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Frank Bruni on Higher Education

Fenster writes: Time for perfesser Fenster to grade Frank Bruni for his essay on higher education in the NYT. I’ll grant him an A in the effective writing department, as always.  No typos.  No misspellings.  Good structure. I’ll give him … Continue reading

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Systemic Justice at Harvard Law

Fenster writes: Harvard Law is starting something new, which it calls a Systemic Justice project.  Here is a write-up from the Boston Globe. What is it?  That’s emerging.  “None of us really knows what ‘systemic justice’ is—yet you’re all here,” says … Continue reading

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Steven Pinker on What Ails Higher Education–or at least Harvard

Fenster writes: When Steven Pinker writes Fenster listens.  Well, not literally.  He reads.  But language is all a kind of metaphor, right? From The Language Instinct on I have been amazed by this guy’s reach, educated through his insights and entertained … Continue reading

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