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Listing Books: Anti-Modernism

Blowhard, Esq. writes: It’s funny how after over a century of a near-stranglehold on elite sensibilities, modernism refuses to give an inch in the art world. Whether in novels, gallery art, architecture, fashion, or music, the implicit (or even at times, … Continue reading

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The Real Problem of Sexual Assault on Campus?

Fenster writes: The conservative Jewish publication Commentary has an article running here on the “real problem” with sexual assault on campus.  It’s a neocon mag with something of a Victorian scold temperament on cultural matters so while the readership here, … Continue reading

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Triggers Again

Fenster writes: Thankfully, the trigger warning idea is getting some strong pushback.  The faculty at American University has strongly endorsed free speech on campus.  Other prestige colleges, like Purdue, are following the lead of the University of Chicago in taking … Continue reading

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Tempest in a Teapot?

Fenster writes: ere is a video on the subject of tea.  Oh, and sex, too, since they go together like love and marriage.  Check it out.

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Free College?

Fenster writes: Perhaps as punishment for having been a manager for so long, or maybe simply as a form of cosmic social justice, I find myself at a relatively advanced age a union member.  I got to be a faculty … Continue reading

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Delayed Reaction X 2

Fenster writes: The Boston Globe front page tells two tales that, to me at least, reveal something about delayed reactions on the part of institutions. People are creatures of habit, and prone to both cognitive error and poor judgment of … Continue reading

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More on Triggers

Fenster writes: I wrote about campus trigger warnings here.  The subject has staying power, fascinatin’ some, amusing others, outraging even more and bringing out the inner hero in all too many. There’s that article in The Atlantic by psychologist Jonathan … Continue reading

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