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Andrew Dice Clay in 1987

Paleo Retiree writes: (Do NOT play this video if you’re at work. It’s about as NSFW and un-PC as can possibly be.) Andrew Dice Clay in his prime makes the very daring Bill Burr, my current favorite comedian, look sheepish and apologetic. … Continue reading

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The Flow Chart “They” Don’t Want You To See

Eddie Pensier writes from a secure undisclosed location: You had a feeling, didn’t you? That all the creepy things in the world were connected in some inexplicable yet sinister way by forces beyond your control? A Texe Marrs version of Blair’s … Continue reading

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Quote Du Jour

Eddie Pensier writes: You wouldn’t know, by looking at us in our sunglasses, our somber dark suits, and carrying our concealed pistols and compact machine guns–meant to rapidly and coarsely dismantle the flesh of anyone threatening the life of the … Continue reading

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“Cheers” Star in the News

Fenster writes: The ex-Cheers star and perenially overweight/overwrought actress is back in the news, this time making claims that the overweight/overwrought New Jersey Governor knew about the lane closures at the GW Bridge. That’s what the headline says, anyway, though … Continue reading

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The Hipster Beard

Eddie Pensier writes: The Beard: This common trend suggests that the clean-shaven, well-groomed man is overly civilized, untrustworthy, wimpy and cunning. Men with beards are real and rugged, but because of the beard, they don’t have to act it. Without … Continue reading

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Cartoon Du Jour

Eddie Pensier writes: “Restaurant De Lujo” (Luxury Restaurant) by Argentine humorist and editorial cartoonist Lino Palacio (1903-1984)

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Uncouth Preview

Fenster writes: I like that Keep Calm font a lot.  Can we use it here maybe?

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Fenster Gets Upskirted

Fenster writes:

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UR as Pogo

Fenster writes: As you may have surmised from my avatar, my last name is Moop, and I am a small, green tree frog that hangs out from time to time with the swamp critters in Pogo. What you may not … Continue reading

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DePalma Legal Trouble

Fenster writes: When it rains it pours.  Just as UR gets its knickers in a knot–privately, of course!–over the issue of creepshots, it turns out that Brian De Palma, a sainted presence for many of us here, finds himself in … Continue reading

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