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Plus Ça Change…

Eddie Pensier writes: It would be unfair to suggest that all universities in the Renaissance were sterile, conformist places; they often hosted vigorous discussion and dissent. But verbal sparring matches (“disputations”) could amount to point-scoring contests decided by nimble rhetoric, … Continue reading

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Going Deep

Fenster writes: David Brooks is more open than the next pundit to considering the world in terms that go beyond the political, and to endorse the notion that while culture and politics are symbiotic, the former often trumps the latter. … Continue reading

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Eppur è Ancora Lì

Fenster writes: Used to be 2Blowhards was my first blog stop in the morning and Steve Sailer second.  After the shuttering of 2Blowhards, Steve moved to #1 and he stays there.  I like the constant struggle to see what is … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: Interesting how much some of these pathetic (if also zany) Brutalist Yugoslavian monuments – shown here in photos by Jan Kempenaers – resemble contemporary chic architecture. Coincidence? An interview with journalist Colin Flaherty, who has been tracking the Knockout … Continue reading

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The Mighty Saturn V

epiminondas writes: The Saturn V was the most powerful rocket ever built and it powered many lunar and earth orbit expeditions. In this fascinating eight minute clip produced by a high-speed camera, we see a beautiful display of its awesome power. … Continue reading

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Calling Dr. Dalrymple

Fenster writes: Theodore Dalrymple is a political and cultural commentator whose opinions I often but do not always share.  He is also, or he can be, an insufferable prig with Tory tendencies. I like to think when he exhibits these … Continue reading

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Put on Your Thinking Cap

epiminondas writes: You’re going to need it…

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Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Unleash the Beef shares the eulogy from his father’s funeral. It could almost serve as a eulogy for traditional American manhood. Related. Bring back the ’70s-style sex film! This strikes me as one of the great … Continue reading

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Documentary Recommendations

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: I haven’t had much time to blog lately. Real life has kind of taken a dump on my internet profile. But I have managed to catch a few nice documentaries on Netflix Instant. Thought I’d pass … Continue reading

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Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Listen, I’m the last guy to complain about a statue of RoboCop, but isn’t it kind of amusing that Detroit — the postercity for fuckupitude — is getting such a monument? While the city crumbles to … Continue reading

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