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“Tim’s Vermeer”

Paleo Retiree writes: The biggest surprise for me about this documentary was how un-tricky, un-conceptual, and un-meta it was. Co-produced and hosted by Penn Jillette and directed by his partner-in-po-mo-magic Teller, it’s a straightforward account of their friend Tim Jenison, … Continue reading

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More Fake Jazz

Fenster writes: My contribution to Fake Jazz Sunday: New York by the jazz-rock outfit Dreams, starring the Brecker Brothers and Billy Cobham (1970). If you like, and have the time, below is most of the album side that New York closes. … Continue reading

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Eddie Pensier writes: Upon boarding my Virgin Australia flight to the USA, the following message tsk-tsked at me from the launch screen of my seat-back video: There are a few important points to remember while using the System. We’re in … Continue reading

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UR Redesign

Blowhard, Esq. writes: All of us here at UR agree we’re wonderful, highly talented people who put out a superior product day in and day out whenever we feel like it. We’re like The Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly, and The New Yorker … Continue reading

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Politics and Higher Education (Fishes and Bicycles)

Fenster writes: The American Way of Higher Education is a lot more about letting a hundred flowers bloom than the heavy hand of central government.  Certainly we are a lot more freewheeling than China, where the government and the party … Continue reading

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Christmas Ducks

Fenster writes: DUCK 1: Over at Salon, Matthew Bruenig takes on “free speech hypocrites” of all stripes.  He argues, with some truth, that the Duck Dynasty dust-up is more or less the Dixie Chicks dust-up in reverse, with the same … Continue reading

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Quote Du Jour

Eddie Pensier writes: If that were true, I’d wear it on my ass. – Biophysicist and fragrance writer Luca Turin, when asked about Gabrielle Chanel’s dictum that perfume should be worn “wherever one wants to be kissed”.* *It sounds ever … Continue reading

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Lesbian Pulp Fiction Novels

Eddie Pensier writes: Images from Retronaut, via Tex of the late WhackingDay.

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Vintage Photo Du Jour

Eddie Pensier writes: Grandma and Grandpa Pensier, late 1920′s. Best guesses as to location: London or Buenos Aires. Can any Uncouth readers identify the automobile?

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NOT The Beatles

Fenster writes: I posted my first NOT The Beach Boys earlier.  Here is the first NOT The Beatles.  It is another truly shameless rip-off, but enjoyable. There is an entire genre of music that rips off the Beatles in one … Continue reading

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