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Lloyd’s Memorial

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Head over to Lloyd’s blog for the program from his memorial service, some beautiful remarks by his friend the Reverend Paul Zahl, and a recording of “Dark Harbor,” a song Lloyd co-wrote.

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To Hell with The Other White Meat

Fenster writes: Food and music are important things, no? When asking people to distill down their musical tastes there is the concept of Desert Island Discs. Where food is concerned there is the concept of the last meal.  .   … Continue reading

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Blowhard, Esq. writes: Thank you to all visitors, commenters, and porn bots.

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Quote o’ th’ Day

Fenster writes: “The world makes much less sense than you think. The coherence comes mostly from the way your mind works.”  Daniel Kahneman We spend our days looking at a tube.

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James and Me

Fenster writes: Fenster, he has long had a love/hate relationship with James Kunstler’s work.  I expect most readers here will know of him.  If you don’t, here’s his Wikipedia page, which provides the basics but fails the capture some of … Continue reading

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Deep Dream Competition: Gropius v. Gaudi

Fenster writes: Deep Dream is an engine somewhere out in the cloud–maybe cloud 9–that adds elements to images that are intended suggest a dream state. Because the added elements have an organic quality it is better to start with an … Continue reading

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Taking Triggers Seriously

Fenster writes: There are some ideas so stupid only a college president could endorse them.  At least that’s the impression given by reading this recent nearly-three-cheer defense of trigger warnings and microaggession bans on campus penned by two college presidents. … Continue reading

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