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Notes on “The Man from Laramie”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: As he does in all the Westerns he made with director Anthony Mann, James Stewart stalks through “The Man from Laramie” with wraith-like resoluteness. His Will Lockhart wears a brown, waist-length corduroy jacket, a battered hat, … Continue reading

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Reflection of the Day

Fenster writes: Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn reflect on My Dinner with Andre. Both of you have said that the characters in My Dinner With Andre are not, in fact, you. But how much of you is in those characters? AG: … Continue reading

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Notes on “Renoir”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: It’s a wonder no one made a movie about the Renoirs prior to this effort from 2012. The father, Pierre-Auguste, a man of the 19th century and one of the giants of Impressionism, and the son, … Continue reading

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Naked Lady of the Week: Brigitte Bardot

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: A small donkey had a role in the film. Brigitte, who named it Romeo, couldn’t bear the idea of returning it to its owner; she bought Romeo, but the hotel wouldn’t let it sleep in the … Continue reading

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Notes on “Stranger by the Lake”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: In “Stranger by the Lake,” writer-director Alain Guiraudie mines some of the thematic veins explored by William Friedkin in “Cruising”: it’s a picture about the danger and exhibitionism inherent in male-on-male courtship. The setting is a lake in the south … Continue reading

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“The Babadook”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: In “The Babadook,” Australian writer-director Jennifer Kent marries the haunted house film to the psychological thriller. It’s a potent union, one that allows her to explore inward-looking themes related to grief and motherhood while delivering the … Continue reading

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Four Movie Posters for “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Though it’s rarely talked about, I’ve long considered this adaptation of the Defoe novel to be major Bunuel. This American poster features the key artwork of the campaign: an image of Dan O’Herlihy as Crusoe holding … Continue reading

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