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4 Responses to Linkage

  1. agnostic says:

    Jesus, listen to how nerdy and stilted the Speech Stasi slogans sound:

    “Bitch…insists feminism is inherently negative.”

    “Pussy…implies that having a certain feature is indicative of being a coward.”

    Wow, what a punchy campaign! Just the kind of thing you’d all be shouting after occupying the administration building… if you were all a bunch of pussies who can’t man up and write a slogan on your own, without filtering every word through — like a bitch.

    These spergy faggots should’ve hired lesbian rapper Queen Latifah. “You gots ta let ’em know: You ain’t no bitch or a ho.” Twenty years later, we’re in the same paranoid climate, now with 50% more annoying slogans.


  2. agnostic says:

    Also notice the campaign’s over-riding theme of Our Right To Remain Toddlers.

    All of the phrases under attack “insist that it is inherently negative” for 20 year-olds to still be weak, dependent, childish, and annoying. Man up, don’t pussy out, stop acting like a bitch, quit whining like a faggot, etc.

    The widespread appeal of these campaigns goes to show how infantilized the Millennials are. The tightwad speech Nazis of the ’90s at least framed things as a matter of disrespecting the honor of the whiny group, and demanding satisfaction pistols-at-dawn style.

    With Millennial airheads, it’s all, “What the heck, you guys literally need to stop pressuring me to ‘just grow up.’ Honestly, if seeking constant praise is ‘bratty’ or ‘childish,’ then what kind of idiot would actually want to grow up?”


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