Note to pals at S—–: Lin Wood Shocker

Hey S—– folks:

Check out Lin Wood’s overnight tweets.

This esteemed but apparently rogue attorney for the Trump side in the election fracas has been spouting extreme stuff recently, so much so that his allies want to create distance and many say he’s insane.

He now says he has the evidence and will provide to the few people he trusts: Trump, Flynn, Powell.

What has he got?

If he is to be believed the strongest stuff he has fills in the details on one large side of Q-world: the pedo stuff.

The pedo stuff runs the gamut. At one end you have Clinton cavorting with 15 year olds. That’s not that big a deal in the scheme of things.

But then you have Hollywood, and whether pedo corruption has hidden in plain sight there in the same way the new casting couch did, and as pedo stuff did in the Church. That is more shocking than public officials having sex with the slightly underaged, and it is pretty easy to believe, too.

Next step: institutional complicity in very large scale international sex trafficking. That’s harder to swallow but then again if the CIA made money in the drug trade, addicting and killing many Americans in the process (which it did) why not the people trade?

But then you ratchet up to systematic rape and murder of kids, and the sytematic “burning” of key figures like John Roberts and Stephen Breyer to control their actions. Much, much bigger deals.

And finally, one hopes, we come to charges of ritual murder, draining kids for their adrenochrome, satanic worship by globalist cabals. There you go off the charts, and the rails.

Wood does not yet get to that last, Satanic, step yet but his comments have brought him right up to that threshhold, all the way through the burning and turning of people like Roberts.

The idea seems to be: hook the bigshot, then escalate the kompromat step by step. When you have the person deep enough get them involved with rape and murder and film the whole thing. Impossible, right?

If the past is any guide the past false climaxes on Durham, Barr, Q and Giuiliani suggest another such on January 6: lots of sound and fury signifying not much.

On the other hand there may be a Big Reveal that is truly Tootsieworthy.

About Fenster

Gainfully employed for thirty years, including as one of those high paid college administrators faculty complain about. Earned Ph.D. late in life and converted to the faculty side. Those damn administrators are ruining everything.
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4 Responses to Note to pals at S—–: Lin Wood Shocker

  1. bluecat57 says:

    Look, Squirrel! Who is the media focusing on? Lin Wood or Sydney Powell? Trump, Pence, or Lin Wood?
    This is a “magic trick”, the 3-Card Monty, a distraction. While the media is focused on Lin Wood, and normal folk are scratching their head thinking, “Would the attorney that won the Covington kids case say something if he didn’t have proof?” The rest of the teams are continuing to uncover election fraud and file cases in court.
    If we don’t see some arrests soon I’m buying shitloads of survival food because America will be over.


    • fenster says:

      All we peons get is the right to offer hypotheses, at least for now. The idea that Wood is a distraction is a sensible one. But you have to wonder. If the real legal people are assembling real information would they need the public to be distracted by Wood? How does a stunt like that materially assist on the “real” legal side. In fact, some have speculated–another decent hypothesis–that Wood’s outrageous statements end up harming the Trump side to the extent he is acting as a carnival barker.

      I mean we are down to the wire here, no? It seems to me the most feasible strategy for Team Trump is to rain holy hell down in the last day or so–mountains of irrefutable evidence such that reluctant Republicans will suddenly realize it would be fatal to be complicit in a Biden victory. So it’s not a firm legal decision that saves the day: it is a dramatic reveal that shocks the nation, and cannot be contained by the media.

      If Wood has that kind of stuff–and that is the kind of stuff that will be required, not another statistical analysis of Maricopa County–then Wood is not a distraction but the real thing. A carnival barker but one aiming to drag people into the tent so that they have to watch the show.

      And if Wood is just a distraction . . . well, then what does Trump have that is sufficient to shock the nation and give sudden spine to Congress? I kind of think the Trump side either has Wood or Wood-like shocking news (Pedo, China corruption, confessions from high level campaign people or those they corrupted) or it has nothing. Throwing more election commentary out at the last minute is pretty thin gruel.


      • bluecat57 says:

        Look shiny thing. What are we discussing? That’s about the attention span of the public. Not sure why Trump hasn’t dumped it all yet. He a trying to keep it from going kinetic. That’s why he wants a million supporters in DC. Would the Democrats and Commies dare start a bloodbath then? I hope not. And would China or Iran attack anyone then? Hopefully not. An Israeli struck on Iran that day? I might put $50 on that. I am tired of waiting but hopeful. I lived through the Summer of Love riots. I think America will survive the Plandemic.


  2. fenster says:

    should be an interesting day. you write you will get survival food if biden wins. but is there a greater risk of chaos if trump wins? seems to me if he wins it will be via a mobilization of information sufficient to force congress to do the right thing. but that does not in one stroke disablke the very formidable assets of his oppostion. in fact they have pretty much everything in terms of the actual hold on levers of power and influence. would they suddenly say “gee i have been made to look the fool? i guess i will give up.” or would they escalate? “who cares about whether a majority no longer finds me credible. i am not about to give up my gravy train. how many divisions to the people have?”

    the mass media may find its legitmacy finally deflated in the most extreme way. but why can’t they just keep broadcasting? i get your point that trump may wish to avoid the kinetic if possible. i’d be interested in knowing his plan for that if he is sworn in.


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