Movie Poster Du Jour: “The Green Slime”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:



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Showtune Saturday: “Doin’ What Comes Naturally”

Eddie Pensier writes:

An outtake from Annie Get Your Gun (1950), with Judy Garland, before she was fired by MGM and replaced by Betty Hutton. Garland had clashed with original director Busby Berkeley, and retaliated against his perfectionism by showing up late and missing calls. (Berkeley himself would be replaced by two additional directors.) There’s dialogue in the beginning: the music starts at 1:50.

Judy seems oddly subdued in this clip, although it’s almost a masterpiece of subtlety compared to the googly-eyed hamming of Hutton. It’s a song that has to be taken on its own terms: for lyrical wit and cleverness and a bloody-minded earworm of a tune, with absolutely no other redeeming value whatsoever.


  • Atypical Neurotic shared another Judy Garland moment from Summer Stock.
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Naked Lady of the Week: Tanya Fedorova

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


You don’t hear the term “sex kitten” much these days, but I’m going to dust it off in honor of Tanya here. A Ukrainian, she was active from about 2006 until 2010. Then, like so many of our favorite internet muses, she suddenly disappeared, presumably embarking on a more workaday life as a social worker, a wife, or something equally prosaic.

As a model I think she was pretty talented: Her shoots bristle with attitude, ingenuity, and a sometimes eyebrow-raising lack of inhibition. Her naughty personality comes through even when her photographers are focusing on her babydoll qualities, like her petulant pout or her (for me, maddening) peaches-and-cream skin. There’s a bit of the brat about her too, especially in the way she teases the camera with her pussy and buttcrack, both of which, more often than not, are highlighted by an intriguing corona of strawberry fleece. Often she offers just a glimpse of this, as if to say, “Hey, lookee what I got down here.”

It’s too bad American Apparel never glommed onto her. I can imagine their marketing folks making good use of her scuzzy nubility and her drowsy, let’s-play-hooky indolence.

I believe these photos come from GlamDeluxe and MetArt.

Naked girl, dead ahead. NSFW. Happy end of summer.

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KiMo Theater, Albuquerque

Sir Barken Hyena writes:

More Southwestern peregrinations. Going from the works of God to the works of man, I give you the KiMo Theater. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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“The Cosmopolitans” (2014)

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Because I am ‪#‎hardcore‬, I stayed up until midnight so I could watch Whit Stillman’s potential series pilot THE COSMOPOLITANS as soon as it went live on Amazon. The show opens with Joan Osborne singing “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” over picture postcard views of Paris and titles written in a handmade French art deco font — it’s like the man has a direct line into the pleasure centers of my brain.

Starring Chloë Sevigny, Adam Brody, Carrie MacLemore, Jordan Rountree, and Adriano Giannini (the first three of whom are Stillman vets), the show mixes the group dynamics of METROPOLITAN with the lovelorn ex-patriates of BARCELONA, delivered with Stillman’s arch charm and droll humor. I particularly liked the inclusion of an older Italian as a more sophisticated European rake to mock and needle the American boys. Much like the girls trying to improve the boys in DAMSELS IN DISTRESS, it’s almost as if Stillman is trying to teach American men his Euro-inflected patrician-WASPy version of Game: wear a blazer or suit, go talk to the pretty blonde across the room, and don’t forget to dance. (The kinds of things previous generations learned watching French New Wave films, in other words.) My only complaint is that we see little of Sevigny in the show, a defect that will no doubt be remedied if the show goes to series.


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Fisher Valley, Utah

Sir Barken Hyena writes:

On another stretch of my flaneur’s trail, I timed my entry into this magical place to the rising sun. And, I discovered the panoramic mode on my camera.

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Architecture Du Jour: The Russian Izba

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

The traditional Russian izba, a “peasant house” built of interlocking ax-hewn logs, was for centuries the most widespread form of house found in the Russian countryside. A typical farmstead would consist of an izba, a long-built barn and hay shed, either attached to or separated from the main building, and a kitchen garden. Izby were constructed of many shapes and sizes, but they shared similar internal layouts.

Izby were constructed using hand axes, adzes, or knives, but not saws, and wood pegs rather than nails (metal was expensive). Building one was a communal effort, celebrated with feasts that were held at significant stages in the construction process…Most surviving izby, some up to five hundred years old, are now found only in outdoor museums.

– Building Without Architects: A Global Guide to Everyday Architecture


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