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Enzo Nakamura writes: I love GIFS and I especially love Cinemagraphs, an approach to GIF-making that involves isolating an individual element that will play out a looping animation while the rest of the image remains still. I believe a fashion … Continue reading

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Space Dandy Promo

Enzo Nakamura writes: I haven’t watched any anime in years. But who can resist Space Dandy? It’s got everything!

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Ben Franklin’s Eight Reasons for Dating Cougars

Enzo Nakamura writes: This sequence, from the newish video game, ASSASSIN’S CREED III, left me agape. At least we’re using technology to bring our forefather’s insights to the youth of today.

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Don’t Call It A Comeback. Now, Let’s Talk Girls

Enzo Nakamura writes: After months and months of lurking–and enjoying–I’ve decided to get back in the game. I’ve had a nasty case of contributors block. I’ll keep it short. My recent pop music crushes are unconventional. Oakland’s Kreayshawn (Natassia Zolot) … Continue reading

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