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“The Black Swan”

Paleo Retiree writes: I was amazed how uninspiring I found this 2010 ballet-world-set psychological horror film. Natalie Portman plays a super-perfectionist, frigid (but yearning for release) ballerina who’s given the lead in a new version of “Swan Lake.” The movie … Continue reading

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Blowhard, Esq. writes: The next hipster coffee trend? I can only assume the sound waves were generated from vinyl records. Just what Los Angeles needs — a giant, translucent, glowing egg. Lots of good art deco architecture on Miracle Mile, including the … Continue reading

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Random Notes on Spengler’s “Decline of the West”

Sir Barken Hyena writes: Like a snake slowly digesting a fat rabbit, I’ve been working my way through this massive and challenging work for the last 4 or 5 years. While I’m not ready to write the Cliff Notes version, … Continue reading

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Trendy Slang Du Jour

Paleo Retiree writes: Spotted recently at a NYC construction site: I’m surprised they weren’t able to find room for “artisanal” and “bespoke.”

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Architecture Du Jour

Blowhard, Esq. writes: A collection of buildings along Lafayette Street in Astor Place, New York City, that I took while on a walking tour. A lot to love about these buildings, but I particularly like their use of color. Why do … Continue reading

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And the Wasps?

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: He had spoken in the little room near the Courts where the pleaders waited for clients; clients, waiting for pleaders, sat in the dust outside. These had not received a card from Mr. Turton. And there … Continue reading

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Stray Thoughts on Today’s SSM Ruling

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Happy for those who are happy with today’s decision, but I’m still waiting for a logical, principled, legal argument as to why the Court’s SSM decisions don’t also permit polygamy. Whoops, hey, that didn’t take long. It’s hilarious … Continue reading

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Naked Lady of the Week: Mistress T

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Is this the first professional dominatrix that we’ve featured? A quick check of the archives reveals that to be the case. With her cool voice and haughty-naughty mein, Mistress T is like the madam of a “Eyes Wide … Continue reading

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Trolling Movie Critics

Sax von Stroheim writes: I thought Mad Max: Fury Road was a well-made action movie, but that it was wildly overpraised by critics and movie geeks. A wise friend said: “Give nerds an opportunity to think their tastes are sophisticated … Continue reading

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L’Affaire Jenner: A Conversation

Eddie Pensier writes: Transcribed, annotated, anonymized, and edited for spelling from a discussion group elsewhere on the web. The participants include: AK, shopkeeper, female, 42 CB, researcher, male, 39 MM, retired US Navy, male, 54 CM, copywriter/translator, male, 54 JL, financial … Continue reading

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