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Ngram of the Day

Fenster writes: Society and culture: From a current day academic point of view society and culture are separate but related concepts.  Culture tends to refer to the values and beliefs of a group of people and the material surroundings that … Continue reading

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Tumblr Du Jour: PopSonnet

Eddie Pensier writes: From PopSonnet, whose author recasts well-known songs in Shakespearean iambic pentameter. Link via Maggie McNeill.

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“Need” and “Should”

Paleo Retiree writes: Another installment in what I’m thinking of as my Andy Rooney Series, wherein I notice, and then muse grumpily about, current trends. Hey, what else are older people good for? Today: What to make of morally coercive language … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Do It Today

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: I see Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious” has recently been added to Netflix Instant. I watched part of it and was struck by the bit you see above, which occurs right at the start of the performance. You … Continue reading

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Idioms I Don’t Understand

Eddie Pensier writes: My usage of the cliché “paying through the nose” in my previous Linkage led me to ponder the origins of some idioms, similes and metaphors whose meanings are more obscure than perhaps they ought to be. I … Continue reading

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Linkage (Sensitivity Omnibus Edition)

Eddie Pensier writes: Don’t call homosexuals “homosexual”: it’s offensive. Don’t call in-ear sound amplifiers “hearing aids”: it’s misleading. Don’t call someone a sexist: it’ll soon be illegal in Belgium. Don’t call or email your civic leaders to complain about laws … Continue reading

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Ten Words That Sound Yiddish, But Aren’t

Eddie Pensier writes: Perplexed Svelte Tumult Abyss Pestle Finger Farfetched Gondola Lentil Belabor

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Wie Schön Das Ist, Daß Du Bei Mir Bist

Eddie Pensier writes: Three classic Motown songs re-recorded in German translations by the original artists. If you’re half the language geek I am, this will make you smile non-stop. I find it strange that when it comes to operas, I’m … Continue reading

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Grammar Catastrophe Du Jour

Eddie Pensier writes: The early bird does not employ a spell-checker, apparently. Taken at the Sydney flagship of Myer, Australia’s largest department-store chain.

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