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Reflections on the Revolution in Hollywood

Fenster writes: We have serious excesses of male power and energy on display. And we have a pushback in which can be seen some of the wisdom of Madame du Deffand when she told Voltaire that women are never stronger … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts and Questions about the Weinstein Affair

Paleo Retiree writes: Woody Allen says that he’s “sad” for Harvey Weinstein. I want to bring up a handful of things that seem to me to deserve to be mentioned in the midst of the Weinstein madness. Not that Harvey … Continue reading

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Progressivism = Will-To-Power

Sir Barken Hyena writes: Here’s the easy key to understanding what the left does and says these days: it’s all, 100% an expression of the will-to-power. Only the rank and file useful idiots actually make an attempt to “believe” the … Continue reading

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We Need More Free Speech, for More Students, for More Science High!

Fenster writes: I have written before that I am not a free speech absolutist but that it is a damn close-run thing.  From a gut point of view I reflexively support free speech, and so I suppose I am objectively … Continue reading

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Signs O’ The Times

Fenster writes:

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Ideology, Myth and Reason

Sir Barken Hyena writes: In the 18th century a revolution came to the world. Reason had proved itself the last word in truth for the physical, and the decadent aristocracy left an opening for sweeping change in society. For a thousand years Church … Continue reading

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Oh That Awful Madonna-Whore Complex

Sir Barken Hyena writes: I come from good old WASP/Athiest stock so I don’t think I ever even encountered this odd phrase until I was in my twenties. I thought it baffling. An early exposure was Tess. Dude she’s beautiful … Continue reading

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