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Starbucks Goes Kitsch

Glynn Marshes writes: Okay, I’m going to say it: when Starbucks worked, as a cultural phenom, it worked because the experience was something close to art. Yes, we sophisticates quickly wearied of the Starbucks experience. The damn franchise has been … Continue reading

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Back to … the Marshall McLuhan Future

Glynn Marshes writes: A couple days ago, University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, a.k.a. the blogger Instapundit, penned a column for USA Today titled “Politicians benefit from American tribal warfare.” Tribalism, Reynolds writes, “is the default state of humanity.” … Continue reading

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It’s a Crazy Book and I Didn’t Mean to Write It…

Glynn Marshes writes: I did not know this. Another major, and separate contribution to the confusion surrounding the Celts was begun in 1944 by one of the greatest modern English poets and historical novelists, Robert Graves. In three weeks during … Continue reading

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What We Throw Away, The Lit Edition

Glynn Marshes writes: Observations by indie writer Dan Meadows, who regularly patronizes his library’s used book sales. I find the post interesting not only because I watch the book industry, but also in terms of cultural anthropology in a broader … Continue reading

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omg…it’s a twitter essay!

Glynn Marshes writes: And I didn’t even know twitter essays were a thing. Topic: social contracts, protests, and whether contemporary police theories about crowd control are a throwback to 19th century mob violence literature. In seventeen numbered 140-character tweets. With … Continue reading

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On The Menu: Lobster Tail with a Side of Delightful Writing

Glynn Marshes writes: Albert Burneko. Deadspin. How To Cook Lobster Tails: A Guide For People Who Don’t Have Butlers To Do All The Work. A taste: The truth about lobster is this: It is less flavorful, less sweet, more bland … Continue reading

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Four Critics Walked Into a Book . . .

Glynn Marshes writes: Highly recommend The Norton Critical Edition of Goethe’s Faust, if you’re in a lit-nerd mood. The translation (Walter Arndt) is more-than-approachable and the interpretive notes (Cyrus Hamlin) are terrific. And as an added bonus, the last 180 … Continue reading

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Absolute Perfection

Glynn Marshes writes: Let’s be quite clear about this: I do not like my Martini mucked about with; I guess, in exactly the same way that Dad did not want ice or lemon peel in his Gin and French. Traditional … Continue reading

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Fear Factor

Glynn Marshes writes: I find this heartening. In an op-ed on France for the LA Times, Pascal Bruckner cites fear as one of the most significant factor’s in that country’s unsettling decline. For the French have become afraid of everything: … Continue reading

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Glynn Marshes writes: n. A tattoo that looks like you let one of your teenage girlfriends write on you with a pen.

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