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Paleo Retiree writes: The student-loan situation is getting worse. Martha Esersky Lorden is inspired by some of her more basic kitchen tools. A great case against allowing women in combat. Gucci Little Piggy thinks it’s no mystery why women don’t … Continue reading

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“A Bloody Spear on Mount Fuji”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Tomu Uchida is one of those great Japanese filmmakers who remains virtually unknown in the West. This 1955 work of his is a road movie; it deals with the transient relationships forged among a group of … Continue reading

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A Pentagram Solution?

Fenster writes: In a recent New York Review of Books, Timothy Garton Ash weighed in on the subject of multiculturalism.  Correction: make that “subjects” of multiculturalism, in the plural, since the word has multiple meanings. “Multiculturalism” has become a term of … Continue reading

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Quiz o’ th’ Day (with answer)

Fenster writes: Here are some quotes.  The quiz question is to identify the job of the person who said them. “College costs too much and delivers too little. Students are leaving, when they graduate at all, with loads of debt … Continue reading

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More L.A. Noir

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Via the Facebook group Vintage Los Angeles, I came across this old video of a trip through downtown L.A. According to comments, it’s process footage shot in 1948 for the movie Shockproof, directed by Douglas Sirk and co-written by … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: Demographic milestone du jour. More. A nice tribute to the great Donald Westlake. Steve Sailer is at his droll/sly best in this posting about dual-language schooling. “Work it, white girl.” A wonderfully visual Best Western Movies list … Continue reading

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Trapped . . . a Desperate Man and a Strange Half Animal Girl!

Fenster writes: . . . . is the tagline for Fear and Desire (1953), Stanley Kubrick’s first feature. The poster makes Kubrick’s first out to be some sort of hot noir.  In fact, it is Kubrick’s attempt at making some sort … Continue reading

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Ads Everywhere 2

Paleo Retiree writes: Another entry in my ongoing diary of the kooky, unexpected and annoying places Americans find to plaster ads. That’s a video screen running ads, set into a gasoline pump. Keep it classy, America. Previously.

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Record Stores

Fenster writes: “What’s a record?” –my nephew, aged 14, about 15 years ago. “It’s called vinyl, dad.  You wouldn’t know what it is.” –my son, aged 14, three years ago. Recently, a wag who is known to frequent this blog … Continue reading

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Trapped . . . a Desperate Man and a Strange Half Animal Girl!

Fenster writes: The above blog title title is the tagline of an early film directed by . . . 1.  Claude Chabrol (“piégés. . . un homme désespéré et un étrange, mi-animal fille!”) 2. Sam Raimi 3. Stanley Kubrick 4. Alfred … Continue reading

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