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Steve Sailer Echoes Seth Roberts

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Imagine that fake smiling makes, say, 10% of people feel better and 10% feel worse and has no effect on 80%. Then there’d be no effect overall. And yet, fake smiling would still cheer up 10% of the … Continue reading

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Juxtaposin’: Girls Dancing

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

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Alt Right Linkage

Paleo Retiree writes: Will the Alt Right ever again experience a week like the one just passed, or are its visibility and influence going to continue growing? Whatever the case, it’s certainly been interesting watching the mainstream start to take note. Hey, a … Continue reading

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Turd-Free Lists of the 21st Century’s Best Movies

Blowhard, Esq. writes: The BBC just released a list of the 100 greatest films of the 21st century as chosen by an international panel of film critics. Movie fans that we are — cinephiles, if you will — we immediately began … Continue reading

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I Can’t Help It

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Netflix is currently streaming a documentary on the Carter family, called “The Winding Stream.” It includes so many fab songs and performances that it’s almost beyond criticism. So profound are the depths of the Carters’ talent, beauty, and influence … Continue reading

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Naked Lady of the Week: Daria

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: According to TheNudeEU, this Russian gamine, known by Daria, Dasha, Bekki, and a few other names, became active in 2006. That’s 10 years ago! She’s probably married and has kids now. What a charmer, and what … Continue reading

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Naked Lady of the Week: RayVeness

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Is the internet largely responsible for the MILF category of porn?  Sure seems that way. Though she’s retired now, the busty, blue-eyed RaVeness seemed to play MILF roles forever. She did a good job of it … Continue reading

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Ideologies Are Bullshit. All of Them.

Sir Barken Hyena writes: Genesis of a Scoffer My ongoing journey to uncover the truth of everything — and maybe hook up with the occasional pretty lady along the way — has been a long one. I started as your typical lefty, if always … Continue reading

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Universal Culture

Fenster writes: Over at Slate Star Codex, Scott Alexander identifies what he refers to as “universal culture” as being a key factor in how the West was won.  His opening point is that there is nothing eternally Western about what … Continue reading

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Architecture and Color

Paleo Retiree writes: Copenhagen

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