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IT professional and veteran of start ups. Life long musician and songwriter. Voracious reader of dead white guys. Lover of food and women.

The Faces of Central Asia

Sir Barken Hyena writes: Via Robert Byrons’ “Road to Oxiana” I’ve stumbled on a rich vein of literature on Central Asia, mainly written by steely Kipling-types. But also Ancient and Medieval literature, wherever from. No personal account of travels I’ve … Continue reading

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Louis Malle’s “Phantom India”

Sir Barken Hyena writes: I watched this series from French director Louis Malle back-to-back the other day, it’s that good. In the late 60’s, Malle spent 5 months motoring around the vast backwaters of India in search of what spontaneous … Continue reading

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Sir Barken Hyena writes: It’s only 15 minutes into the rally and you’re pooped already? Come on sugar, you got a long climb ahead of you if THE NAZIS! are going to be defeated.

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Happy All American Family Stock Photos

Sir Barken Hyena writes: Try it yourself!

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In the End, Progressivism Will Evaporate

Sir Barken Hyena writes: I’ve been indulging in some pop psychology of the liberals I’ve encountered lately. No need to explain why! It’s quite a spectacle many of them have put on for us, full of sound and fury, but … Continue reading

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Meme Time

Sir Barken Hyena writes: I made this meme. Please share if so inclined.

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Progressivism = Will-To-Power

Sir Barken Hyena writes: Here’s the easy key to understanding what the left does and says these days: it’s all, 100% an expression of the will-to-power. Only the rank and file useful idiots actually make an attempt to “believe” the … Continue reading

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