Interviews at Uncouth Reflections

  • Screenwriter/filmmaker/novelist Lloyd Fonvielle leads us through a varied, creative, and productive life in the arts.
  • Med student/pop-culture critic/friend-of-this-blog Jonathan Hastings recalls his brother, the celebrated reporter Michael Hastings.
  • Journalist and historian Bill Kauffman talks about working on “Copperhead,” his first movie.
  • De De Mollner recalls being a featured dancer in Hollywood during the great years of go-go dancing.
  • Soprano Christine Goerke talks about her life as an opera superstar.
  • First-class jazzman and music educator extraordinaire Ned Corman tells about teaching kids to swing and keeping alive as a performer: Part one, part two, part three, part four, part five.
  • Reddit naked lady favorite Redhotsillyfecker tells us about how she came to put nude shots of herself online.
  • Microminimus favorite and Flickr sexpot Stephi chats with us about the fun of making sexy photos and how she discovered herself sexually.
  • Arts journalist Brian Kellow wrote some first-class biographies. Part one, part two.

Interviews at 2Blowhards

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