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The Daughter in Fiction

Fenster writes: If you are an Oprah book person, you’ve probably read Amy Tan’s The Bonecutter’s Daughter.  If you like pop thrillers, you may have read Nelson deMille’s The General’s Daughter.  But has it occurred to you how easy it … Continue reading

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Touching the Void

Fenster writes: AND Quite apart from any offense that might be taken by a believer, proselytizing, especially about atheism, just doesn’t seem to be good form.  Plus, since Dawkins comes across as a snooty academic, his testimony can be considered … Continue reading

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Optimist and Pessimist

Fenster writes: Either Ray Kurzweil is right about the Singularity, or he is wrong about it.  Either way, I feel a little uncomfortable about his appointment as Google’s Director of Engineering. Either James Howard Kunstler is right about Peak Oil, … Continue reading

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Best Rock Intros

Fenster writes: Here is a 2006 Chicago Tribune article by Mark Caro making an attempt at naming the best rock intros of all time.  Granted, the article is a bit old but does it make a difference?  Most of the … Continue reading

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Here and There

Fenster writes: Julian Hoeber’s Demon Hill: art installation or just another funhouse at a carnival? Is it different with kids? Why do durians stink? Why do we react in similar ways to danger? Which college majors are to be avoided? It’s … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: Steve Sailer interviewed: Part One, Part Two. Is there a widely-read writer in the U.S. who is less acknowledged than Steve? How is money made? The Harvard Business Review thinks that these days it’s bloggers who are shaping … Continue reading

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“Mike’s Murder”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: In the 1984 “Mike’s Murder,” Debra Winger plays Betty, a young woman whose staidness is underlain by a barely-discernible yearning for immediacy. She has the most sensible of jobs — she’s a bank teller — and … Continue reading

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