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Notes on “Over the Edge”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: “Over the Edge” is an example of a movie whose exploitation emphasis neutralizes its social message and clears the way for something approaching honesty. Director Jonathan Kaplan is often able to present its kids with a … Continue reading

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Fenster writes: As I have mentioned previously I post elsewhere when I feel my mostly political rants, even if they are roughly in line with the reprobate views posted at UR, might overwhelm the inputs at this mostly cultural site.  … Continue reading

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Whiteshift — and Randolph Bourne

Fenster writes: Eric Kaufmann’s book Whiteshift has gotten a lot of attention, and generally positive reviews. This is the century of whiteshift. As Western societies are becoming increasingly mixed-race, demographic change is transforming politics. Over half of American babies are non-white, … Continue reading

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Why Does College Cost So Much?

Fenster writes: Thomas Sowell tweets: Those who want the government to provide subsidies to help meet the high cost of college seem not to consider whether government subsidies might have contributed to the high cost of college in the first … Continue reading

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Notes on “Joan the Maid”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: I can’t think of a movie that feels more authentically Medieval than Jacques Rivette’s 1994 “Joan the Maid,” an interpretation of the Joan of Arc story in two very long parts. In it, Rivette, always attentive … Continue reading

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I Require the Blood of Fifty Children

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: The Caliph, however, whose ideas were confused, and whose head was embarrassed, went on administering justice at haphazard; till at length the prime vizir, perceiving his situation, hit upon a sudden expedient to interrupt the audience … Continue reading

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Notes on “Aquaman”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: There’s something gleeful, almost lightfooted, in the tacky gigantism of “Aquaman.” Director James Wan rejects the would-be seriousness and most of the cynicism that characterize Marvel’s superhero films in favor of kitsch and can-do cheeriness. Like … Continue reading

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Weekend Linkage

Paleo Retiree writes: This used to be called “basic psychology,” and people weren’t puzzled by it. Some British profs don’t like being told what their attitude towards transpeople must be. Who does, really? Unhappy transperson du jour. In the U.S., … Continue reading

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Anti-Anti-David French-ism

There has been quite a dust-up in conservative circles over Sohrab Ahmari’s article “Against David French-ism” in First Things.  As my doppelganger wrote in that other site: You may have heard of the recent dust-up over who has proper ownership … Continue reading

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Fenster wrote: I am Fenster here but my doppelgänger pens under a different name–he says it is his real one, the fool!–at another site.  He says he knows UR is about politics and culture, and that there is a deep … Continue reading

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