Notes on “Sully”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Perhaps it took an older director, and one with the conservative impulses of Clint Eastwood, to make the story of Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger into a movie about the heroism of dutifulness. Though “Sully” is set in Manhattan and features a few big effects sequences, it has the modesty and compactness of a chamber drama. Doubtless, Todd Komarnicki’s screenplay (based on Sullenberger’s book) contains its share of hackneyed elements, including some rather facile stuff set among the passengers of Sully’s plane; but the picture’s themes are so clearly presented, and its pacing so insistent, that it succeeds by dint of efficiency. “Sully” is never boring, even when it’s stuck in boardrooms. The key to the movie’s peculiar air is lead actor Tom Hanks. His Sullenberger has the energized placidity of an ER surgeon — a placidity edged with gravity and alertness. As Sully is shuttled from room to room, and repeatedly asked to explain his in-air actions, Hanks lets you feel rather than see the tenuousness of his composure. It’s a subtly expressive performance. (Aaron Eckhart, as Sully’s co-pilot, provides Hanks with a suitable foil; his anxiousness is all on the surface.) Cannily structured so that the backstory falls into place when it’s needed to elucidate the post-flight narrative, “Sully” culminates with a safety-board hearing in which man is indicted by model. It’s contrived, like a courtroom drama, but by that point the story and characters have inertia. It’s hard not to root for Sully’s vindication.

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1970s Shooting Targets

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

These days, I suspect the targets used by shooting ranges aren’t nearly so dramatic.


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Architecture and Color

Paleo Retiree writes:

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Naked Lady of the Week: Tawnee Stone

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


If you remember Tawnee Stone you’re either a male born before 1978 or just a congenital pervert — though of course the two categories aren’t mutually exclusive.

Tawnee, whose official title seems to be “Internet Sensation,” was one of the first nude models to have a website devoted entirely to her. That website still exists, proving that it’s possible to remain 19 forever.

The name “Tawnee Stone” is actually a registered trademark of the Lightspeed Media Corporation.

That reminds me: This guy I know once asked me where I went to school. When I told him I’d attended Lightspeed University, he took a second to process the comment, then nearly spit out the beer he was drinking. True story.

Being a trademarked product must be weird for the real person inhabiting Tawnee. Or do you suppose she gets a kick out of it? Either way, she must have found it odd when, in 2010, Lightspeed’s founder announced that Tawnee had passed away in a car accident. It was a joke: he’d merely killed off the fictional character named Tawnee Stone. But the echo of the announcement rang through the darker corners of the internet with the persistence of a particularly dank image macro of Harambe.

As a model Tawnee was somewhat dull. And yet the compact-but-curvaceous frame, the big brown eyes, and the dependably reproducible smile all somehow amounted to something unique, even memorable. I saw one internet commenter compare her to a cardboard cutout. There’s something to that characterization. She had the indelible quality of a — err — trademarked product.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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Architecture and Color

Paleo Retiree writes:

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Movie Posters: Three Deneuves

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

What is it about Catherine Deneuve that prompts desecration? It sometimes seemed as though her directors needed to spoil her in order to properly venerate her. Perhaps it’s the placid opaqueness of her beauty that encouraged filmmakers to treat her like a canvas — a screen onto which they could project their most perverse urges. Or maybe she was just attracted to weirdos…

Whatever it was, the artists who created posters for her movies of the ’60s and ’70s were just as alive to it as her directors.

Italy, 1965.

Repulsion (Italian)

Czechoslovakia, 1970.

Bell de Jour (Czechoslovakia)

Argentina , 1970.

Tristana (Argentinian)

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Naked Lady of the Week: Sabrina D

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


Okay, so I have an unhealthy attraction to Ukrainian women.

I actually didn’t realize Sabrina here was Ukrainian until I sat down to write this. “Another one,” I thought. But why fight my predilections?

Sabrina is the second most popular model of all time on theNudeEU. I suppose that makes her beauty something like an objective fact. Those eyes are truly something. Though maybe she also looks a little like an alien? If so, it’s an alien of a peculiarly beguiling sort.

Says a fan on the theNudeEU discussion board:

I am going to stop voting for her due to that fact she hasn’t been seen in the past few years.

I am going to miss Sabrina . . . She is a goddess . . . We got to see her breast go from puffy to beautiful. One thing remained constant was her Angel Eyes. Sabrina could be innocent, sultry, erotic, to seductive in her sets.

Sabrina will be one of the greatest to grace this website but it is time to move on.

I am relieved he was able to move on.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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