Progressivism = Will-To-Power

Sir Barken Hyena writes:

Here’s the easy key to understanding what the left does and says these days: it’s all, 100% an expression of the will-to-power. Only the rank and file useful idiots actually make an attempt to “believe” the impossible-to-believe ideological silliness. All of that is purely for the troops. The less they really know about the big war plans, the better. After all, if they knew the end goal, would they so willingly lemming themselves off the cliff for the benefit of the owners?

For example, take the recent news from Google. No doubt the leadership believe they are doing good with their diversity policy, no doubt they are utterly brainwashed themselves. Thing is, the will-to-power is an instinct, so it requires no awareness, and no conscious cognition to function. The conscious mind can chatter away with its blithe excuses while the real work happens down below. It’s true of all of us. So, in a way, Progressives aren’t hypocrites. They have totally veiled their own selfish interests from themselves, and there’s simply no facet of the ideology that attempts to teach self-awareness. Being  a doctrine of Materialism, Progressivism simply hasn’t got any spiritual point of view that could fuel a look within.

But that policy also happens to have the effect of potentially knocking down the very highly paid white male programmers that they are totally dependent on. Well, what a shock.

Let’s not be children about this. I’ve been in IT for 20+ years, I know my world like the back of my hand. Here’s the truth: the world’s digital infrastructure is utterly dependent on white male programmers, mostly Americans. It works like this: the top tier of programmers is 90% white, the remainder is Asian and Indian. The middle and lower tiers are dominated by Indians mostly (there aren’t nearly as many Asians here), who take direction from the whites. They are very diligent, solid workers but they are simply not capable of the independence of mind and “Let’s go do it!” ethos of the whites. They are trained by their culture to be submissive, to take orders well, not to rock the boat, to cover their asses at every turn because someone is sure to kick them in it otherwise. White American guys give not two fucks about any of that. We will never get the innovation and quality from Asians and Indians that we need without the leadership of whites.

As for women, I’ve worked with four (4) female programmers in 20 years. One was first rate, of the others one was Chinese and forced into it by her parents, the other two are no longer doing it. I asked the good one: has she ever faced discrimination in her career? No hesitation: “Nope.”

Take a deep breath: women by and large detest computers, much less programming. Indeed anything at all that has the air of geekiness about it is a total turn off to them, by and large. Think prog rock.

There are also very, very few African American or Hispanic programmers, but I don’t know why that would be.

This means white male workers such as myself command the highest salaries. The whole IT industry would just love for this to change. They are using “diversity” as a fig leaf to control and cow their arrogant white male programmer workforce — what a shocking thing from a huge corporation! And what better way to put some heft into it than to fire one of them for calling them out, as I have, with simple plain TRUTH.

So, please, red-pillers, and opponents of Progressivism and its poisonous effects, let’s have no more engagement with Progressives on their silly and transparent “arguments”. They themselves are utterly incapable of defending them. They can only say “NAZI!!!!” to truth tellers because they have no real belief or understanding of what they themselves think. It means nothing more than “We’re totally out of ammo”. It’s far better to drive them to apoplexy so they have to hang up the phone, run away, and await new orders from The Times.

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Movie Still Du Jour

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

A gathering of Communists in HAIL, CAESAR! (2016).

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Question Du Jour: Orwell on Fascism

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

In 1946, Orwell wrote:

The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’.

In the ensuing seventy years, do you think the meaning of “fascism” has become clearer or muddier?

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Architecture Linkage

Paleo Retiree writes:

And a collection of architecture-oriented memes that I’ve enjoyed recently. (“Public art” really is a scam, btw. For a taste of the academic absurdity of it, take a look at this page.)

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Naked Lady of the Week: Karissa Diamond

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


The Ukrainian Karissa Diamond can be, like the gem after which she’s named herself, almost unpleasantly twinkling. Her photographers often seem to dull her a bit; it’s possible they want to bring her to earth, where she can be appreciated as a creature of sex as opposed to advertising.

She has some very prominent tattoos, which some photographers go through the trouble of removing, presumably using digital editing software. It seems odd for a nude model to obtain obtrusive tattoos. That said, they haven’t prevented her from working: She’s among the most prolific of Europe’s posers.

According to various biographical blurbs, she wants to be an actress. You can see more of her on Twitter, Instagram, and something called Alua.

Nudity below. Have a great weekend.

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The Spirit of Marcuse

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

Yesterday, in the comments to this post, I linked to a progressive’s call for censoring “intolerant” speech, something I’ve been hearing increasingly over the past year or so. Although the post quotes Karl Popper, it reminded me of OSS operative Herbert Marcuse’s essay “Repressive Tolerance”:

In his contribution, Marcuse argues that the ideal of tolerance belongs to a liberal, democratic tradition that has become exhausted. Liberal society is based on a form of domination so subtle that the majority accept and even will their servitude. Marcuse believes that under such conditions tolerance as traditionally understood serves the cause of domination and that a new kind of tolerance is therefore needed: tolerance of the Left, subversion, and revolutionary violence, combined with intolerance of the Right, of existing institutions of civil society, and of any opposition to socialism.[1]Marcuse claims that tolerance shown to minority views in industrial societies is a deceit because such expressions cannot be effective. Freedom of speech is not a good in itself because it allows for the propagation of error; Marcuse believes that “The telos of tolerance is truth”. Revolutionary minorities hold the truth and the majority has to be liberated from error by being re-educated in the truth by this minority. The revolutionary minority are entitled, Marcuse claims, to suppress rival and harmful opinions.[2]

That’s the Wikipedia summary, but you can read the complete essay here. Isn’t Marcuse’s idea pretty much the order of the day?

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Juxtaposin’: Iconoclasm

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

You, therefore, have not ordered the temples to be shut up, nor forbidden any to frequent them: nor have you driven from the temples or the altars, fire or frankincense, or other honours of incense. But those black-garbed people, who eat more than elephants, and demand a large quantity of liquor from the people who send them drink for their chantings, but who hide their luxury by their pale artificial countenances, — these men, O Emperor, even whilst your law is in force, run to the temples, bringing with them wood, and stones, and iron, and when they have not these, hands and feet. Then follows a Mysian prey, the roofs are uncovered, walls are pulled down, images are carried off, and altars are overturned: the priests all the while must be silent upon pain of death. When they have destroyed one temple they run to another, and a third, and trophies are erected upon trophies: which are all contrary to [your] law. This is the practice in cities, but especially in the countries. And there are many enemies every where. After innumerable mischiefs have been perpetrated, the scattered multitude unites and comes together, and they require of each other an account of what they have done; and he is ashamed who cannot tell of some great injury which he has been guilty of. They, therefore, spread themselves over the country like torrents, wasting the countries together with the temples: for wherever they demolish the temple of a country, at the same time the country itself is blinded, declines, and dies. For, O Emperor, the temples are the soul of the country; they have been the first original of the buildings in the country, and they have subsisted for many ages to this time; and in them are all the husbandman’s hopes, concerning men, and women, and children, and oxen, and the seeds and the plants of the ground. Wherever any country has lost its temples, that country is lost …

— Libanius

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