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You Can Never Be Too Thin, Too Rich or Too Woke

Fenster writes: According to that arbiter of all matters cultural, Teen Vogue, Asian-Americans Need to Go Beyond Apoloigizing for Anti-Black Racism. Asian Americans–the loud ones anyway–are quick to declare solidarity with blacks Blacks. A little too quick if you ask … Continue reading

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Notes on Fargo

Fenster writes: The new season of Fargo is pretty good. Not as good as the earlier seasons but those seasons set pretty high bars for TV. It is spooned out weekly so I am five episodes in. A lot can … Continue reading

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Boomers Won’t Go Away, Part XXV

Fenster writes: The master of clever dialogue and champion of progressive romanticism Aaron Sorkin is coming out with a movie on the Chicago Seven. Such a gaggle of characters! For Sorkin writing his brand of ultra-rich conversation will be like … Continue reading

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