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People in a Room

Blowhard, Esq. writes: This scene, from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, is one of the most famous speeches in recent movies: What if — and I know it’s absolutely insane to even suggest such a thing, but bear with me — but … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Facebook Groups

Fenster writes: My newfound interest in nature has been spurred by retirement, with a side interest in foraging spurred by my concern over the coming End Times. I am consequently a member of a number of Facebook groups devoted to … Continue reading

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Double Feature: Modus and The Wailing

Fenster writes: It’s double feature time again. Some double features here are naturals: two films written by Hanif Kureishi separated by decades that reveal how authorial obsessions change as the author ages. Others are linked by chance: I happened to … Continue reading

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Racist Computer Passes Turing Test

What to make of these efforts that edge up to passing the Turing Test? Here’s GPT-3 from Open AI. GPT-3: OpenAI’s New Text Generating Neural Network is Here | Digital Trends That got this Facebook AI guy all a-twitter over … Continue reading

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Notes on “Band of Outsiders”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Three Parisian kids with vaguely American aspirations plan a vaguely American crime. That crime, a robbery, is mixed up with the seduction of Odile, the trio’s female constituent, who isn’t sure she wants either. You can’t … Continue reading

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