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Michael Chabon Likes Genre Fiction, Punts on Endorsing It

Blowhard, Esq. writes: In a recent NYT interview of Michael Chabon for the Book section, the following exchange took place: You can suggest three books to a literary snob who believes genre fiction has no merit. What’s on the list? … Continue reading

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City Sights: Bikes in Long Beach

Blowhard, Esq. writes: Back here, Paleo Retiree contrasted the asshole bicycle culture of the United States versus the more civilized one in Berlin. This got me thinking about the city I work in, which as I mentioned in the comments, … Continue reading

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Architecture We Love 4: Brick

Blowhard, Esq. writes: OK, so it’s more like a Material We Love, but you catch my drift. This is a combo fire and police station in Belmont Shore, CA. I know this marks me as a fascist, but I’ll brick over … Continue reading

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Weird mascots

Weird mascots

Well, it’s Saturday again, and time for your favorite mascot to take the field.  Maybe it’s one of these…

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Quiz o’ th’ Day

Fenster writes: Which of these colleges courses is bogus? 1. Lady Gaga and the  Sociology of Fame – U. of  South Carolina, Columbia 2. The Phallus – Occidental 3. Joy of Garbage –  Santa Clara 4. Harry Potter: Finding Your  Patronus – Oregon State … Continue reading

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Question Lady Question

The Question Lady writes: What’s the worst TV ad you’ve ever seen?

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25 Awesome Things About “Rio Bravo”

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Please feel free to add your own. 1. The names: Chance, Dude, Stumpy, Colorado, Feathers. 2. The bit where Chance kisses Stumpy on the head, then runs out the door like a little kid who’s just stolen … Continue reading

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We’re already over the fiscal cliff

epiminondas writes: This is one of the best speeches Peter Schiff has ever given.  I’ve always been impressed with Schiff because of his ability to simplify political and bureaucratic bullshit that passes for thinking in the business media.  This is the … Continue reading

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Bait & Switch

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Sometimes I’m not sure what a television ad is trying to sell me. Oh, I know what the product being advertised is, more or less. It’s the experience the ad is attempting to associate with the … Continue reading

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Walter B. Gibson interview

Glynn Marshes writes: An interview with Walter B. Gibson, the writer who adapted the radio character “the Shadow” for print. About a half hour. Pulpy goodness!

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