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Two Aretha Videos

Fenster writes: Like a lot of people, I expect, I first heard Aretha Franklin’s voice when I first heard the song Respect.  And like a lot of people, I expect, the first hearing of that song was one of the … Continue reading

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More Globe Watch

Fenster writes: This is a continuation of the Globe Watch I undertook yesterday. The idea behind that post: yes we have a free press in this country, and rightly so, but nothing confers on the press some special virtue by … Continue reading

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Globe Watch

Fenster writes: My hometown paper, the Boston Globe, took the lead in the recent cooperative effort on the part of hundreds of papers nationwide to run editorials slamming Trump for his comments about the press. I think the Globe can … Continue reading

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Falling from the Sky

Fenster writes: If you are planning to write a book about something or someone falling from the sky be aware that the landscape is already littered with fallen objects and you might have a copyright problem.

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Niall Ferguson on Free Speech

Fenster writes: Niall Ferguson is liberalism’s favorite apostate.  He is not predictably conservative.  He is reliably contrarian but the liberal mind savors a little intellectual frisson, especially if it is put across in an erudite way.  He is not crude … Continue reading

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Quotes from a New Yorker Article

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Today there is a craft-coffee shop across the street, on the first floor of a building from 1898, which was home to the S. H. Kress & Co. department store. During a recent renovation, workers found … Continue reading

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Linkage: The Other Side of Russiagate

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: Former intelligence pros believe the Dems’ data was leaked, not hacked. Ray McGovern and Bill Binney do a nice job of filling in the details of a believable counter-narrative. More from McGovern and Binney. “[N]o intelligence … Continue reading

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