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On Porto and the Harvard Decision: Comments on my Last Two Posts, in Eight Parts

Fenster writes: 1. Porto I should add relative to my upcoming trip that I am a big fan of Portuguese and Basque cooking, and that the culinary aspect of the trip holds great appeal.  The Basques in particular have a … Continue reading

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Justice for John Harvard

Fenster writes: The United States District Court has held in favor of Harvard University in the case dealing with allegations of discrimination against Asian-American students.  The Chronicle story reporting the case is here.  The text of the decision is here.

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My Trip to Porto

Fenster writes: I am about to leave for a trip to Portugal and Northern Spain.  I had been especially looking forward to visiting Porto.  I had heard a lot about the great architecture to be found and must have blithely … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: This doesn’t seem good. Meanwhile, this strikes me as an excellent development. Awkward. More and more Chinese-Americans are turning Right. What’s it like to have a “neovagina”? Utopia! Is capitalism racist? California thinks so. When and why did … Continue reading

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Hidden History of the Puritans

Fenster writes: Rogers Smith, in his paper “Beyond Tocqueville”, argues that America has a hidden history of illiberalism that has been papered over by the generally victorious pro-Enlightenment side. Analysts of American politics since Tocqueville have seen the nation as … Continue reading

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Right, Left, Center

Fenster writes: The political terms “right”, “left”, and “center” mean different things depending on the context.  In a world where liberal–indeed neoliberal–values dominate these political categories have meant one thing, generally familiar to us.  In what has been termed a … Continue reading

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What Happens When Women Run Colleges?

Fenster writes: “What happens when women run colleges?”  Could be just a provocative question.  Could be the opening line leading to a challenging set of discussions.  Could be a joke awaiting a punch line. It is in fact the title … Continue reading

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