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Radical Thought

Paleo Retiree writes:

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Left, Right, Left, Right, Left

Fenster writes: Ah, the times in which we live.   Here is Michael Lind, once conservative, then a critic of conservatism, now writing an article not for Salon but for the Trumpist journal American Affairs. Is this a conservative piece? … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: How organic is your organic milk? Does Allan Benton make America’s best bacon? My wife and I think he may. Reason’s Jesse Walker praises Stewart Brand’s wonderful book on architecture, “How Buildings Learn.” Walker includes links to … Continue reading

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Fearless Girl and Politics

Fenster writes: The current Village Voice is running an article entitled “Fearless Girl is Not Your Friend”. It won’t be the last word on the issue, mainly because there can never be a last word on the broader questions of … Continue reading

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Conrad Black, William Deresiewicz, and David Goodhart. What Manner of Coming Conflict?

Fenster writes: Three authors have proposed a way to think about current and coming conflicts.  Conrad Black sees the conflict as between the religious instincts of the people and the secular worldview of the elite.  William Deresiewicz thinks that lurking … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: Friend-of-this-blog Polly Frost has been putting up some inspired and regular blog postings. Did alcohol and caffeine create civilization? Pack ’em in. Funny to see how conventional types react when they crack open “Camp of the Saints.” Milestone … Continue reading

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Treatments Bad and Good

Paleo Retiree writes: It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to link to an article at The Atlantic. For decades a great magazine that was reliably substantial and well-written, it’s now an SJW-infested clusterfuck that too often reads like it’s being written … Continue reading

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