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Gainfully employed for thirty years, including as one of those high paid college administrators faculty complain about. Earned Ph.D. late in life and converted to the faculty side. Those damn administrators are ruining everything.

Damn Yankees

Fenster wrote: Fenster has a good friend, a doppelganger, really, who is on the board of a non-profit farm in upstate New York. The farm is situated in the heart of what has come to be known as the burned-over … Continue reading

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Note to B—-: Science and Religion

Fenster writes: B—- We have been discussing Science and Religion: Are They Compatible, a 2003 collection of essays edited by Paul Kurtz. You ask what I make of it. My overall response was very much in tune with Razib Khan’s … Continue reading

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Watching Freedom of Speech Speed Atrophy in Real Time

Fenster writes: It is a good thing we have free speech embedded in the Constitution since it is damn near impossible to amend the thing. Further, hypocrisy being the tribute vice pays to virtue, there is as of yet no … Continue reading

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Fenster Carlson writes: Tucker Carlson: Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. The events that unfolded in dramatic fashion on January 6 were terrible. It is terrible that we saw violence take place in the one building that most symbolizes … Continue reading

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Note to K—-, on the morning of January 6

K—-: You write that perhaps Pence can simply not open some of the envelopes. I am not so sure about that one. I have not heard the argument that Pence can decline to open an envelope. And I don’t see … Continue reading

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Note to pals at S—–: Lin Wood Shocker

Hey S—– folks: Check out Lin Wood’s overnight tweets. This esteemed but apparently rogue attorney for the Trump side in the election fracas has been spouting extreme stuff recently, so much so that his allies want to create distance and … Continue reading

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Notes on Barbara and Night Train to Lisbon

Fenster writes: Two movies on the personal and the political. Barbara and Night Train to Lisbon. Is the personal the political? And if it is should it be? Sure sure history is a human enterprises driven by people, so politics … Continue reading

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Is Culture Stuck?

Fenster writes: The Revolver news aggregator, the self-proclaimed new Drudge, leads with a link to a story called “Is Culture Stuck.” Interesting that this is the lead in this highly politicized moment on this mostly political site. Interesting, too, that … Continue reading

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You Can Never Be Too Thin, Too Rich or Too Woke

Fenster writes: According to that arbiter of all matters cultural, Teen Vogue, Asian-Americans Need to Go Beyond Apoloigizing for Anti-Black Racism. Asian Americans–the loud ones anyway–are quick to declare solidarity with blacks Blacks. A little too quick if you ask … Continue reading

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Notes on Fargo

Fenster writes: The new season of Fargo is pretty good. Not as good as the earlier seasons but those seasons set pretty high bars for TV. It is spooned out weekly so I am five episodes in. A lot can … Continue reading

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