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Gainfully employed for thirty years, including as one of those high paid college administrators faculty complain about. Earned Ph.D. late in life and converted to the faculty side. Those damn administrators are ruining everything.

Class Act

Fenster writes: I wrote previously of my respect for the way Michael Lind parses our current situation.  As I noted Lind sometimes appears to tilt right and other times left, suggesting an Andrew Sullivan-like tippy brilliance.  But whereas Sullivan really … Continue reading

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Welcome, Hypocrisy!

Fenster writes: There is a new line of thinking developing from anti-Trumpers on immigration.  You hear if from people like David Frum and Damon Linker. It goes like this: Trump is a cruel xenophobe but Democrats need to be wary … Continue reading

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Full Circle

Fenster writes: It only takes a couple of generations for social things to come full circle, with that generation’s victims this generation’s bullies, and so on. Here is a photo of Amsterdam’s “white bicycle” program, a free bicycle share idea … Continue reading

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Border Wars

Fenster writes: The mainstream (i.e., anti-Trump) position on family separation is at least as disingenuous that of the Administration.  Much of the grandstanding in Congress relates to whether Trump can stop separation “with a phone call”.  Further, the mainstream press … Continue reading

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Design for Educating

Fenster writes: Design is the new IP Design is the new marketing Design is the new currency Design is the new engineering Design is the new green Design is the new black Design, it seems, has some powerful mojo. Yet … Continue reading

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Note To My Kids On JP

Fenster writes: I see that Jordan Peterson book around and think it is a good idea for you to read it. Meanwhile, here is something shorter: a very good article on the Jordan Peterson phenomenon. As Peterson has caught on … Continue reading

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Chappaquiddick and PR

Fenster writes: Speaking of Chappaquiddick, as we are all about to do– Here is a Boston Globe interview with Ted Kennedy on the subject of Chappaquiddick.  It ran in July 1979–the tenth anniversary of the event. The summer of 1979 … Continue reading

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