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Gainfully employed for thirty years, including as one of those high paid college administrators faculty complain about. Earned Ph.D. late in life and converted to the faculty side. Those damn administrators are ruining everything.

What is “Really Going On”? And What is “Conspiratorial Nonsense”?

Fenster writes: Glenn Greenwald says that it was not only the Russians that interfered with the presidential election.  The FBI and the CIA were probably in there, too. CNN’s Michael Smerconish asked Greenwald whether he gave “any credence to the … Continue reading

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What the President of Middlebury Did Not Say

Fenster writes: Charles Murray was properly incensed over the egregious actions of those protesting his recent appearance at Middlebury College.  At the same time he was gracious and generous as regards the way the Administration handled the event. In truth … Continue reading

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Possible Good News on Civil Asset Forfeiture

Fenster writes: Fenster is highly suspicious of the practice of civil asset forfeiture, and wrote of the issue here. You may know that the law often allows police or other authorities to keep the ill-gotten gains from a criminal transaction. … Continue reading

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One Nice Thing About Tenure. . .

Fenster writes: . . . is that it permits tenured professors to write what they see.  Of course this can cut the wrong way but tenure is a double edged sword.  Here, an article skeptical about unlimited low-skill immigration is … Continue reading

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What Bannon Reads

Fenster writes: Here is an interesting read about what Steve Bannon reads, and what may be on his mind. One of his favorite books is The Fourth Turning.  I was fascinated by the book when it came out in the … Continue reading

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It Takes Two Sides to Make a Bell Curve

Fenster writes: There’s an extraordinary amount of talk going around about the alt-right.  But who are those guys? Language is a tool for unclarity even in the best of circumstances and things get even dicier when the phenomenon to be … Continue reading

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The Return of the Planned Economy?

Fenster writes: Jack Ma, the Chairman of the Board of the Chinese internet giant Alibaba, suggests that big data may herald the return of the planned economy. Over the past 100 years, we have always felt that the market economy … Continue reading

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