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Half Man, Half Middle-Man, he's paid to help others realize their artistic visions while struggling in obscurity with his own. What hath social science wrought?!

BrundleGuy’s Favorite 2012 Movies

BrundleGuy writes: So I got really busy at the beginning of this year, and consequently haven’t gotten around to finishing up my 2012 Movie Favorites list until now. Also, apparently I had a lot to say about these movies, even by … Continue reading

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But What About the Ladies?

Brundle Guy writes: So today is the Oscars. I won’t be watching, as I haven’t been able to stomach an Oscar telecast in years. But for all the headache-inducing hoopla that goes up around Oscar-time, there’s a trend that’s really … Continue reading

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And Who Mourns Vaudeville?

Brundle Guy writes: The times, they are a-changing, as the man once sang. They certainly are for the industry I work in, comic book publishing. It’s odd, in a time where comics have greater cultural cache than ever before, the … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Cool Anymore?

Brundle Guy writes: A couple of years ago a friend of mine, for the purposes of this article we’ll call him Ryan, was being transferred by his job. He was regaling another friend and I with the story of a … Continue reading

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Can you secede while still being in charge?

Brundle Guy writes: Mike Lofgren wrote this article for The American Conservative asking if the wealthy elites in America have, for all intents and purposes, seceded from the union and created their own world while still governing and controlling the rest of … Continue reading

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Bully for you!

Brundle Guy writes: Although a lot of animated children’s movies are by-the-book and rote, every now and then I feel like they can slip something through that’s exceptional. Every now and then the gatekeepers are looking the other way, and … Continue reading

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What do you look for in a short story?

Brundle Guy writes: A couple of months ago a good friend of my family’s passed away. I helped partake in a search through her house for her will, and while we didn’t find the legal papers in question, I did … Continue reading

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Vacation, all I ever wanted…

Brundle Guy writes: First of all, I must apologize. When I was asked to join this ragtag group of misfits and ne’er-do-wells I was frothing at the mouth to get some posts going, make a bunch of comments, start a few … Continue reading

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