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Two New Sci-Fi Flicks

Sax von Stroheim writes: One of the lazier ideas that currently holds sway among folks who consider themselves to be film cognescenti is that Michael Bay is simply the worst director ever. I’d argue that while he’s no genius, he … Continue reading

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Sam Fuller’s “Verboten!”

Sax von Stroheim writes: Verboten! is Sam Fuller’s Germany: Year Zero. It’s an astonishing film that surprises at every turn. I love that Fuller doesn’t do anything – in terms both of how he conceives and writes these scenes and … Continue reading

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“300: Rise of an Empire”

Sax von Stroheim writes: I went to see 300: Rise of an Empire the other day, because it’s the only movie playing right now that seems important enough to get me out of the house. Everything else can wait for … Continue reading

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Because They Could

Sax von Stroheim writes: The sedentary lifestyle of farming allowed a vast elaboration of material culture. Food, shelter, and artifacts no longer had to be portable. Births could be spaced closer together, since mothers didn’t have to continuously carry small … Continue reading

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The Beach Boys’ Sixth Studio Album: All Summer Long

Sax von Stroheim writes: From journalists to mythologizers to metaphysicians. Not their first great album, but the first album that could arguably be considered their greatest.

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Juxtaposin’: The Future Is Now

Sax von Stroheim writes: (With apologies to Fabrizio for appropriating his “Juxtaposin’” tag…)

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Superheroes in Therapy

Sax von Stroheim writes: Continuing my series of reviews of superhero comic books that I bought out of a combination of (a) their being on sale, (b) a modest amount of curiosity about them, and (c) my own incurable superhero … Continue reading

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