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Immigration, Legal and Illegal

Paleo Retiree writes: I don’t normally have much time for Anne Coulter, but this strikes me as a terrific column. Fact Du Jour: “During the three years from 2010 through 2012, immigrants have committed about a dozen mass murders in … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: Secrets of Princeton. As a PU grad, I’ll vouch for the accuracy of this one. Lloyd Fonvielle is inspired by a book about the West by Frederick Law Olmstead, a great American artist best-known as the co-designer … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: A rave review from the Huffington Post for Polly Frost’s one-woman show “Bad Role Models.” Demographic note du jour. Steve Sailer wonders if Mexicans are like or unlike previous generations of immigrants. Some appreciation for the alternative-monetary-system … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: Is central banking the cause, not the cure? Foseti shares some excellent life advice. Ditching veganism. Should sex and flirtation ever be acceptable as part of office life? Who tends to be a believer? Who tends to … Continue reading

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Back to the Present

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes: This satirical video shows what might have happened had the Europeans arrived in the New World armed with some of the more effective devices in the modern ideological toolkit. It seems to me that the most … Continue reading

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Paleo Retiree writes: Even fans of occasional UR commenter Dearieme might not be aware that he’s a blogger himself. (I wasn’t, until my co-blogger Fenster pointed this out.) Enjoy Dearieme’s brains, humor and taste here. Is genuine conservatism the new … Continue reading

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