Question Lady Question

The Question Lady writes:

How do you handle stress?

About Question Lady

I want to know.
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7 Responses to Question Lady Question

  1. Whining. Hair-tearing. Excessive moodiness.

    Oh, you mean in a positive way? Yoga, cocktails, long walks.


  2. Holm says:

    exercise and xanex…


  3. Oh, how could I have forgotten meditation? I meditate around 4 out of 5 days, and have done for years. I’ve found it very rewarding in many ways. One of them: I’m much better at letting things go and not irk me when I’m regularly meditating than when I’m not.


  4. junedentzer says:

    With sex, exercise and gin…in large quantities


  5. dearieme says:



  6. Sax von Stroheim says:

    Exercise is really the only thing that works consistently for me…


  7. Sir Barken Hyena says:

    Not well generally. Avoidance if possible.


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