Serpents and Virgin Birth, oh my

Glynn Marshes writes:

Once thought to be an anomaly and confined to captive animals, scientists now suspect that parthenogenesis occurs somewhat regularly among wild snakes.

This BBC article doesn’t note the theological irony however. It also doesn’t include any comments from Greg “Men, Who Needs Them” Hampikian.

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6 Responses to Serpents and Virgin Birth, oh my

  1. The Question Lady says:

    Thanks, Glynn for the link. So that snake in the garden of Eden could have been a virgin?


  2. epiminondas says:

    And they discovered the process was occurring among copperheads and cottonmouth moccasins. Both of which seem to be in abundance where I live. Great. Just great.


    • epiminondas says:

      And I can’t wait for them to breathlessly announce that they’ve discovered it among diamondback rattlesnakes, too.


      • Glynn Marshes says:

        And that it’s temperature-regulated, so most prevalent in individuals that have found their way into peoples’ homes 😀


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