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The Question Lady writes:

What’s your preferred way to get some exercise?

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I want to know.
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7 Responses to Question Lady Question

  1. Blowhard, Esq. says:

    Walking and riding my bike. Anything else feels like work and I do enough of that.


  2. Walking. Qigong. Yoga. Aquacise. Like Blowhard, Esq., I tend to react to anything that feels like work by thinking “Fuck it, who needs more of this?”


  3. Epiminondas says:

    Downhill skiing.


  4. missberk says:

    Walking, using this big green rubber band for stretching, then walking more.


  5. junedentzer says:

    Hiking, weights, sex.


  6. The Question Lady says:

    Unfortunately, when it comes to keeping in shape, Pilates and running have been the things that actually work for me. So I now do running, but in intervals — walk 4 minutes, run 1. And to my amazement, I discovered that internal running did more for me and banged me up less than straight running. I hate doing Pilates but it does work. Recently I did acquacise which I thought would be just a silly class for senior citizens. I found out that I loved the senior citizens, many of whom just stood in the pool and talked during the class — but hey, talking is exercise, right? — and that actually doing the exercises was really hard work and very good exercise. Plus acquacise is fun, and you use your core, so I found I didn’t have to do the dreaded Pilates work out.


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