We’re already over the fiscal cliff

epiminondas writes:

This is one of the best speeches Peter Schiff has ever given.  I’ve always been impressed with Schiff because of his ability to simplify political and bureaucratic bullshit that passes for thinking in the business media.  This is the kind of straightforward logic that anyone can understand.  If you don’t follow economics that much, just listen to this several times.  It’s worth hearing more than once in any case…


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3 Responses to We’re already over the fiscal cliff

  1. Sir Barken Hyena says:

    I loved the videos he did chatting with the OWS folks. He’s a model really, no shouting or name calling.


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  3. Callowman says:

    The paleo diet is doing good things for Lew. Will listen to this as soon as I have a chance.


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