Non-Question Lady Questions

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

I just threw out about 2 years’ worth of magazines that I had been accumulating but neglecting like the national debt. WiredBon AppetitThe Atlantic, New York, bunch of stupid lawyer mags, local business magazines, L.A. WeeklyOC Weekly — Jesus, another few weeks and I’d be a candidate for Hoarders. Every month I’d promise myself I’d read them and every month they just piled up.

So: Which magazines do you subscribe to? Which do you actually read?

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14 Responses to Non-Question Lady Questions

  1. Holm says:

    I mostly read stuff online/iphone, but I subscribe to Men’s Journal, VF, EW, T&L, National Geographic Traveler to read while eliminating on my Squatty Potty ®…I still like offline mags.


  2. Callowman says:

    I no longer subscribe to any except the ones that persist in coming despite my not paying for them. No longer limited by the constraints of physical delivery, I seem to have mostly lost interest in that form of content bundling. I rarely even buy them in airports any more. My wife still gets mags and lets them the stack up like you do. I’d love to see her get the mag monkey off her back, but she’s 50 and I don’t guess she’s going to become an interwebs wizard any time soon.


  3. dearieme says:

    “Which magazines do you subscribe to?” Exactly; how did you know?


  4. The Question Lady says:

    I read magazines in my doctor/dentist/salon waiting room. I’m not proud of this — I wish I subscribed to magazines still, but I mostly find that they are flip-throughs these days. So I don’t see the reason to subscribe to them


    • epiminondas says:

      End the agony. Take your Kindle/iPad wherever you go.


      • Blowhard, Esq. says:

        That’s pretty much what I do. I was in the habit of using Instapaper for a while, which is a great service. Seems like anything worth reading winds up on the web anyway.

        It is fun to flip through the ads every now and again, though.


  5. Fenster says:

    Mostly off and on since internet. What do I really want to read that is not available? Not a lot. I subscribed to City Journal for a time but am comfortable waiting for their articles on line as they run them out slowly, since most are not time sensitive. I went back to the Atlantic recently but probably won’t continue. I like it well enough but most of value is on line, and they are a little too much “everything you know is wrong” for my taste–validation of the thesis recently expounded at this site as to the rush to be contrarian.

    A resubscription and likely non-renewal as well for Vanity Fair. Too darn much about the Second Viscount of Albermarle and his notorious affairs, and the mysterious deaths in the castle.

    I do read the Economist weekly and will continue. Most it online but it is not easily browsed except on paper. And it is just too damn good. Here, for instance, in a few short paragraphs, the editors do a nice job of reader chiropracty, reminding them that there are big issues at play in the presidential election, and it is not all sickening spin:

    I also read the print version of the Boston Phoenix every week but no need to subscribe since they give em away free all over town. Or should I say “gave”? After many decades as a weekly politics ‘n arts paper on newsprint, the old Phoenix has ceased and will morph into a glossy, mostly arts and entertainment guide. That’s a loss. The P was predictably left of center–had to be given its alternative roots–but the level of analysis and reporting was quite high. Another casualty of the internet age? You have to wonder, with all the analysts in their pajamas writing from home, who is actually going to do reporting?


  6. Sir Barken Hyena says:

    We get Jet delivered to our home, for some reason. This despite my wife calling me The Whitest Man in America. They too are piling up unread.


  7. No subscriptions except the London Review of Books, which I’ll probably cancel. I only subscribed to be able to access their review of my book (heh). I like their reviews of pop culture, and they have a good archive of them, but there’s not enough new coverage per issue.


  8. chucho says:

    I very grudgingly re-subscribed to the New Yorker just yesterday. I need something to read while I’m slobbering over my plate, and I figure about 10% of the articles are decent enough. The rest is just garbage.


  9. Fake Herzog says:

    Fascinating responses. I don’t know what I’d do without my conservative mags: “The Weekly Standard”, “Commentary”, and the glorious “Claremont Review of Books”. I also used to get “City Journal”, but now just wait and read it online.

    I used to subscribe to “The New Republic” to check out what the liberals were up to (and they still have a decent arts section, including good book reviews) but I found it tedious after awhile and gave up. I can handle “The Atlantic” once a month, plus they have some really good old-fashioned long-form reporting (although isn’t there a website now that hosts all those good stories?)

    Anyway, I have an iPad but I still like reading stuff on paper. I guess I’m just old-fashioned.


  10. PA says:

    No subscriptions since my teenage days in the 80s. Blogs constitute all my periodical reading: Larry Auster, Roissy, Sailer, Chuck Ross… and of course, Two Blowhards back on the day.


  11. The Atlantic (because I got a super-cheap subscription), Friends Journal, and Western Friends (the latter two being Quaker magazines). Oh, and my wife subscribes to Newsweek, which counts as a guilty pleasure, I guess.


  12. Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

    None! Though occasionally I find a pamphlet about Jesus stuffed between my screen and wood doors. Does that count?

    The image Sir Barken Hyena kicking back with a copy of “Jet” has really improved my day.


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