Food Trucks in SoCal

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

I was at a charity event last night that featured a number of food trucks. Greek, Hawaiian, Mexican/Asian fusion, American/Asian fusion, Middle Eastern, ice cream, and boba were all represented.

The menu at the Cheer Burger truck.

Kinda expensive. Since it was a charity event, I wasn’t sure if these were their regular prices or maybe a dollar or two more since they were donating part of the proceeds. I got the burger with The Works.

Oh yeah, and I got the strawberry gelato at this truck.

Don’t they mean “artisan”? And doesn’t that look more like ice cream to you than gelato? Because it sure tasted more like ice cream to me than gelato. Oh well, it was good either way.

The trucks were a hit with the crowd. The area filled up quickly.

Any good food trucks in your area? If you tried them, what was your experience?

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15 Responses to Food Trucks in SoCal

  1. dearieme says:

    The ingredients mentioned for that burger “the works” look rather tame. In Australia, “the works” always includes beetroot. And, by golly, it works well.


  2. Epiminondas says:

    Artesian gelato? I have a rather pleasant image of ice cream bubbling up from the ground.


  3. Fenster says:

    Boston just recently got on the train, to mix metaphor, and has moved to embrace food trucks.

    I am all for.

    On my way to China for the first time this week. After years of reading Asian food blogs and watching Tony Bourdain, I feel like I should track down the back street addresses of all the holes in the walls and street vendors that have jumped out at me.

    When I went to get my shots at the travel clinic, the doctor said no street food. OK, no salads, but you can be sure I will be doing those dumplings and grilled things.


  4. R. Jones says:

    Korean Bulgogi tacos in Boulder, CO. So good!



  5. Sir Barken Hyena says:

    In the southwest you can get Sonoran hot dogs from food trucks. I took my nephew to one and he ate like 9 of these dogs. They’re pretty damn good.


  6. Just had the French Onion Grilled Cheese off one of the Grilled Cheese trucks in LA last Thursday. So good. Gruyere and cooked (marinated? soupy?) onions on sourdough bread with one side crusted with parmesan, and au jus on the side for dipping.


  7. The Power says:

    I work from home in the un-hip suburbs where no food truck dare show its grill. Some day I’ll have to call in “sick” and hie myself downtown to partake.

    But let me blather for a few minutes about Cheerburger’s menu.

    I like how the dollar signs are drawn. I like the way the stem in some of the capital “B”s extends past the top bowl. I like how “WRAPS” and “THE WORKS” and the letter “M” in MENU have serifs. I like how the everything seems to neatly fit on the two whiteboards.

    So do these food trucks hire artists to write/draw the menus, or does it just work out that the kind of person who works in a food truck will be the same kind of person who can neatly lay out and letter a big ol’ menu?

    (I often wonder the same thing about chalk board menus I see in some restaurants. Who the heck is drawing those things? Local artist or bored waiter?)

    BTW, five minutes ago I had no idea that the different parts of the letter B were called stem and bowl, but thanks to the internet it’s a cinch to find the “Letter Anatomy” article at that generally p.o.s. website


  8. Yummy photos.

    The food truck scene is very lively where I mostly hang out, in NYC and California, fun trad Mexican to crazy hipster stuff. Two of my faves: the Burger Bus (grass fed burgers on local bread), and the O Street Truck, which does a kind of mashup of Vietnamese and Mexican. Both are reasonable, friendly, delicious … They’ve really livened up the local food-and-eating scene too.


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