Question Lady Question

What do you think makes for a great bar?

About Question Lady

I want to know.
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5 Responses to Question Lady Question

  1. Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

    The right group of friends. Music that’s low enough to comfortably talk over.


  2. Maule Driver says:

    The bartender(s)

    A physical layout that promotes interaction with strangers.


  3. AKAHorace says:

    A pleasant crowd that regularly drinks there. People you know well enough to strike up a conversation with but not so well that you are obliged to talk to them went you want to drink in silence.


  4. JV says:

    Low lighting, decent but not ridiculous beer selection, jukebox that’s actually used by patrons and played high enough to hear but low enough to not have to raise your voice to talk, in a walkable neighborhood, a wooden bar with padded edges (personal quirk there, I lean on my elbows when sitting), multi-generational patronage, bartender that notices when you finish a drink and asks if you’d like another.


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