The View from My Train

Blowhard, Esq. writes:
Took the Amtrak from Orange County to San Diego over the weekend. On the way back home, I snapped this snap of Solana Beach. No wonder everyone wants to live in California.

About Blowhard, Esq.

Amateur, dilettante, wannabe.
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5 Responses to The View from My Train

  1. Epiminondas says:

    Some people don’t want to live in California. See this…
    (But it’s still a beautiful state.)


  2. Callowman says:

    Gorgeous. That’s where I went to kindergarten. And it was the mid-60s, so it was still pretty awesome. We moved from Solana Beach to fscking Pittsburgh the following year. Even at age 6, I was real clear on the fact that we were blowing it hard.


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