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Onetime media flunky and movie buff and very glad to have left that mess behind. Formerly Michael Blowhard of the cultureblog Now a rootless parasite and bon vivant on a quest to find the perfectly-crafted artisanal cocktail.
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6 Responses to Linkathon

  1. Callowman says:

    The Drake girl’s cute. Thank god there wasn’t a camera in every pocket when I was in college. Imagine any of your five most undignified moments in public, then imagine them going viral. Contemporary mores question: which would be worse for a girl, this or a hidden cam vid of her picking and eating a booger? I say booger. Which would have been worse 50 years ago? I’m not sure, but either would have been more damning.


  2. Fenster says:

    It’s the white boy who looks like he needs to work it a bit more.


  3. The Manolo’s thoughts about the white girl might best be expressed by this…

    P.S. Many thanks for the linking to the Manolo’s humble pensées.


  4. epiminondas says:

    This comment from the Sailer piece jumped out at me…

    “There is a Hebrew charter school in Brooklyn whose students are a bizarre mix of orthodox Jews and industrious Caribbean migrants who want to keep their kids away from ghetto blacks. Having them learn Hebrew despite having no connection was a small price to pay for a self selecting school with an emphasis on academics and good behavior.”


  5. Toddy Cat says:

    Gotta love that comment about Westlake over at Grantland…

    “He was among the last of the great professionals. He was truthful and he was reliable”
    If someone can write that about you, you’ve had one Hell of a career. Thanks for the link, PR


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