Don’t Call It A Comeback. Now, Let’s Talk Girls

Enzo Nakamura writes:

After months and months of lurking–and enjoying–I’ve decided to get back in the game. I’ve had a nasty case of contributors block.

I’ll keep it short.

My recent pop music crushes are unconventional.

Oakland’s Kreayshawn (Natassia Zolot) and South Africa’s Yo-Landi Vi$$er (Anri du Toit). Kreayshawn’s a solo act. Vi$$er’s a third of Die Antwoord.

They’re both semi-ironic hipster hip-hop acts, though Vi$$er’s much more successful and works a more knowing schtick. Kreay’s an art school type, Vi$$er’s a feral trickster.

You can’t say I don’t have a type. Linda Manz meets Miss Toxic Waste.

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2 Responses to Don’t Call It A Comeback. Now, Let’s Talk Girls

  1. Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

    Wow. Yo-Landi’s something. Pop music is basically attitude now, isn’t it? S’ok with me.


  2. Enzo Nakamura says:

    She’s a character. Has a kid that’s 5 or 6, I think. She’s probably about 30. Does a great job with the bait and switch. Barely legal-looking fawn one moment, futuristic Dickensian pickpocket the next.


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