Photo of the Day

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

I nominate Bern, Switzerland as the official headquarters of UR.


Here’s the city’s official website.

A person who claims to live in one of the apartments in this photo says, “Rent is high, sure, but not as high as in other places in Switzerland. The rent for 3 rooms in the Old Town can be anywhere between 1,600 and 2,400 dollars. When I wrote this message, I was visiting one of the many shops of the Old Town. I live 15 minutes (by foot) away and we pay 1,800 for 4.5 rooms, which is a good price, considering we split it 3 ways and a cashier at the grocery store starts at 21.85/hour (30.15 on weekends).”

A picture of the bridge, and another from the top of the city’s tallest church tower.

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4 Responses to Photo of the Day

  1. Gorgeous. How I wish there were a small, sensible country (with beautiful scenery, no wars, a high savings rate, nice weather and hot girls) to move to. I like imagining that Switzerland is it, but friends who have been there say it’s a drag. Maybe I’m better off letting it remain the Switzerland of My Imagination.


  2. slumlord says:

    Switzerland reminds me of a retirement village.


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