Taking Down Krugman

epiminondas writes:

“The Republican party is still defined by a coalition of Church people, Chamber of Commerce people, and Military people. And as anyone who has so much as flipped through an issue of Reason or The American Conservative can report — this is an exercise Krugman seems never once to have tried — there are plenty of each kind of person controlling the GOP who are, despite their identity group, in no important way politically conservative.”

More here.

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1 Response to Taking Down Krugman

  1. Fenster says:

    Poulos goes after Krugtron but their political views (not their policy views) are strangely similar. Krugton says the Republican establishment brooks no debate and that reformers don’t even exist. Poulos say no, no, no, we exist all right . .. . but the party leaders make it like we don’t. That’s not a big difference.


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