“A Perfect Getaway”

Paleo Retiree writes:


High-spirited honeymoon-in-paradise-gone-bad thriller from 2009, directed by David Twohy and shot mostly in spectacular Kaui. The plot involves some friends — attractive young couples — hiking to a remote beach while killers are on the loose. There’s a wannabe-dazzling narrative switcheroo in the middle of the film that I couldn’t come close to buying, but the movie’s overall vibe is pleasingly playful — we’re here to mess with (and spoof) expectations and conventions … but we’re also going to deliver some real scares. The acting has wit and gumption — Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant and Kiele Sanchez show a lot of confidence and inject bits of satire into their portrayals, yet they also manage to come up with some rough-and-genuine emotions when the moment calls for it. And the coast-and-jungle setting is as wondrous as can be. A fun junk movie.


About Paleo Retiree

Onetime media flunky and movie buff and very glad to have left that mess behind. Formerly Michael Blowhard of the cultureblog 2Blowhards.com. Now a rootless parasite and bon vivant on a quest to find the perfectly-crafted artisanal cocktail.
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1 Response to “A Perfect Getaway”

  1. Fenster says:

    Yeah I liked it too–fun and junk.


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