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Blowhard, Esq. writes:

sexualcriminal“The sadistic female usually treats crime more lightly than the male. The most serious and dastardly crime is treated with cold disdain. It is characteristic of such women when cornered to try to shift the blame entirely on their lovers or some member of the family. She is cunning and conniving, excessively neurotic and fickle. There is a lack of maternal feeling and a streak of masculine virility in the structure of her personality. She is overly conscious of material things, such as money and finery. She is desolate and wanton. Her sexual nature, which may be heightened during this time, turns to acts of perversion. Revenge, hatred, and jealousy are the very essence of her soul. The female sadist will often exercise an excessive amount of patience in the perpetration of the crime. Frustration and inhibitions forced upon them by others preventing them from achieving a desired goal or from securing monetary gain, may serve as a springboard for a life of crime and may fan the spark of hatred into flaming outbursts of sadistic rage.”

— From an essay on “The Female Sadistic Criminal” by J. Paul DeRiver in The Sexual Criminal, a 1949 criminology textbook used by the LAPD

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3 Responses to Quote Du Jour

  1. I feel like I’ve met a few of those ladies. Is the book interesting as something more than a period piece?


    • I’ve only dipped into it here and there so far. I did read an interview with a 20ish, bright, seemingly otherwise normal woman who had sex regularly with her dog and who would think about horse cock when she masturbated. So, even if it is only a period piece, it’s a pretty wild one. Also, lots of *very* graphic crime scene photos.


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