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  1. Sasha says:

    Thanks for the link 🙂

    “Irreversible”, for all its desperate efforts to be shocking and radical, was just boring. The infamous rape scene was not merely gratuitous (although it was). I can just imagine Noë behind the camera, thinking to himself gleefully, “Hey nobody’s ever shown a FIVE MINUTE rape scene on film before! Hey, if five is horrifying, won’t six be worse? How about seven? Let’s go for eight! Nine! That is, like, the WORST. RAPE. EVER.” I think the people who either loved or loathed the movie, invested emotions in it that it didn’t deserve. It manipulates us to react instinctively (Rape-BAD! Beating a gay man with a fire extinguisher-BAD!) without telling us why we should give two shits. Without context and proper storytelling, it’s porn, and not even good porn. (This is basically the same reason I hate almost every Lars von Trier movie.)
    Naked Monica Bellucci makes up for a lot though.


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