Desert Dweller

Blowhard, Esq. writes:


Meet Andrew. He spent some years in the desert outside Las Vegas prospecting for gold but now he lives on the Mojave River in the Mojave Desert between Baker (25 miles away, pop. 735) and Barstow (40 miles away). He told me that only four rivers in the world flow north — the Nile is the longest and the Mojave is the shortest. We were only stopping for a second so I didn’t have but a couple minutes to talk to him. I bet he has some stories.


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5 Responses to Desert Dweller

  1. Looks like you enjoyed a few minutes with a genuine desert rat. They’re their own special kind of people.

    Hey, another river that flows north is NY State’s Genesee River, which runs through Rochester.


  2. Callowman says:

    I think Andrew underestimates the number of north-running rivers, an understandable error for a guy who doesn’t live on the northern edge of a continent.


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