Sexy Ad Campaign Du Jour

Paleo Retiree writes:

Thanks to Diesel for this very hot set of posters I ran across the other day:


ne_nyc_2013_11_diesel_ad01Suicide Girls goes Bollywood on a Harley is my best stab at describing the feel of the concept. Can you do better?


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Onetime media flunky and movie buff and very glad to have left that mess behind. Formerly Michael Blowhard of the cultureblog Now a rootless parasite and bon vivant on a quest to find the perfectly-crafted artisanal cocktail.
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8 Responses to Sexy Ad Campaign Du Jour

  1. Tex says:

    That first one is a stunner…..and I hate tattoos…


  2. agnostic says:

    Lady Gaga fans play dress-up in their parents’ garage.


  3. agnostic says:

    Prozac Chic.

    Other than the subjects being nubile and half-naked, everything else looks awful. The lights aren’t turned on, the colors are pale and stale, and their faces show severe clinical depression. They did all they could to drain the libido out of a should-be sexy ad campaign.

    Did the art director realize that terminally depressed women have no sex drive, and that a palpable vibe of “I’m too sad for sex” would frustrate a red-blooded male audience? Of course not — he’s a geeky, airheaded, flaming homo.

    The Suicide Girls may lean toward bitchy and hammed-up, and lord knows they’re crusted with tattoos. But you can actually see vivid color, light glowing off of their flesh, and faces and body poses that suggest an at least halfway functioning libido. They’d be annoying to talk to, and poison as a long-term girlfriend, but for a good ol’ romp in the sack, those chicks would actually be fun!

    Do their pictures give off such a different vibe because the company is not run by a clique of clueless queers? Why, yes.


    • their faces show severe clinical depression

      How do you diagnose that by looking at a photograph?


    • I think Agnostic’s comments are full of good descriptions, comparisons and evocations. I just find the whole trendy package of this campaign sexy in a kinky-decadent way. And where erotic and aesthetic pleasure goes I’ve got absolutely nothing against kinky or decadent …


      • Fair enough Paleo, But “severe clinical depression” is not something you can tell by looking at an advertisement. You could say they look “glum” or “bored” or even “depressed” which has an everyday meaning separate to its diagnostic one. Clinical depression is not, in this case, distinguishable from the photographer saying “pout, baby, pout” and if Agnostic thinks otherwise, I would be genuinely curious as to how he knows the difference.


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