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Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

I’ve been watching a lot of stand-up comedy on Netflix Instant of late. It’s one of those cultural side streets I hadn’t been paying much attention to. Of the performers I’ve sampled, Bill Burr is one of my favorites. He actually made me laugh out loud a few times, which is more than most comedians manage.

Below are two of his better bits, both of which are pretty un-PC. The one on hitting women takes the room to a slightly uncomfortable place, especially when he goes after a heckler. The bit has the thinking-it-out-and-yes-I’m-gonna-go-there quality of a good Game blog post.

Stand-up seems to be one of the few areas of pop culture in which performers can really challenge PC standards. Why do you think that is?

You can catch a couple of full-length Burr performances on Netflix Instant.

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19 Responses to Bill Burr

  1. I often find Burr amazing. His most recent perf was an odd one — not as funny as his earlier work, but even more truthful. I wonder if he’s going to go the way George Carlin did, gradually giving up crafting yuks and ever more in the direction of just telling the truth.


  2. Who else have you enjoyed recently? I’ve never been able to go for Louis CK …


    • Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

      Hmmm. When I wrote that he was “one of my favorites,” I guess I meant that he’s my favorite. I haven’t watched another comic I like as much. Still, I laughed a little at Jim Gaffigan. And I had some chuckles at Ron White’s upscale redneck routine. Louis CK has some good lines but I didn’t get much out of him. He’s not fun to watch or listen to. And Dane Cook, who seems super popular among college-age folks, didn’t seem all that special to me; he’s just a big frat boy. Lots of contemporary comics seem to be doing an extreme wild-man routine — they’re shocking and gross more than funny. Some I stick with just because I like to be horrified. That was the case with that Iliza Schlesinger chick I posted about a few weeks ago.


    • I saw CK live a couple years ago at a small “secret” show he announced only on Twitter and thought he was great. He went for about 90 minutes and killed it. I haven’t watched the past couple of seasons, but I’m a big fan of his TV show too.

      That said, Burr rules too. I watched the special above on Thanksgiving with a friend and we both loved it. Sounds like I need to check out his earlier stuff.


    • Christine says:

      The “most difficult job in the planet” routine is classic!
      In my world, Bill Burr and Jim Norton would be much bigger stars than Louis CK, but CK (along with Jim Gaffigan) has that beta beleaguered daddy persona that make them easier to like by the general public than those two bachelor comedians. All of Norton’s comedy specials on Netflix are worth seeing. No one has better and nastier intros. Another one you might want to check out on Netflix is Jim Jefferies, who’s from Australia.


      • Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

        The one Norton thing I watched made me laugh. He’s pretty good. Still, he’s kind of off-putting. I’ll have to watch some others. Where stand-up is concerned, I often enjoy the performances and personas more than the jokes. I like Burr’s normal-guy-questioning-things-and-getting-himself-worked-up-about-the-answers vibe. He really burrows down into that in a convincing and funny way. When he really gets going, I find myself laughing just at the way he’s able to sustain his insightfulness and energy. I’ll have to check out Jefferies next. Thanks for the tip — and for stopping by the blog.


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  4. praguestepchild says:

    Cosby at 76 just came out with a new special. I wouldn’t say he as good as ever, but still quite watchable. Here’s Burr talking about meeting Cosby on a recent podcast:


  5. I plan to check out all these suggestions.

    Personally, there’s no stand-up who makes me laugh harder than Eddie Izzard. “Glorious” and “Dress to Kill” are guaranteed to have me cracking up no matter how many times I watch them.


  6. Callowman says:

    I find Kurt Metzger very funny, thoughtful and anarchic. It’s hard to gauge how famous he is, or whether he’s heading up or down. He’s very active on Facebook.

    As for Louis C.K., the guy really cracks me up. However, whereas Bill Burr seems like a force for good, C.K. feels more toxic.

    Right before popping by here, I watched this old Eddie Izzard clip, which is very funny and also slags off the young Piers Morgan in a delightful way.


  7. bjtubbs says:

    Anthony Jeselnik can be funny. Not a whole lot of warmth there, but good at being an unlikeable jerk.

    By the way, we need more analysis of Citi commercials from FDW. “How’s it going with the new guy” is screaming out for some analysis. For instance, why do the two women look like sisters?


    • Fabrizio del Wrongo says:

      Glad you liked those commercial things. The problem I have is that I no longer have TV, so I no longer see those things. I’ll have to hunt down the one you’re talking about. Sounds like a good one.


  8. WS says:

    The late Patrice Oneal was amazing, although his appearances on the Opie and Anthony show may in fact be better than his stand up comedy.


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