8:45 am

Atypical Neurotic writes:


I changed the language of my iPhone’s OS to Italian, in case anyone was wondering.

About Atypical Neurotic

An Illinois-born refugee from academia who in late middle-age finds himself a civil servant in Norway. An unashamed city-dweller, he walks 30 minutes every day to a job where he is not paid to be an economist (lawyer or accountant), only to sound like one.
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2 Responses to 8:45 am

  1. Beautiful colors, but brrr. But maybe setting your OS’s language to Italian will help keep you warm.


  2. Atypical Neurotic says:

    All I care about is that it helps me learn Italian. And -2°C is unseasonably mild. This time of year it should be closer to -12°C (+10°F).


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